What is a Google Phone?! Reviewing Every Pixel/Nexus Ever!

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Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee

2 أشهر قبل

Reviewing every Google phone ever made!

0:00 What is a Google Phone?
1:06 The G1/Dream
3:30 Nexus One
5:35 Nexus S
7:00 Galaxy Nexus
8:40 Nexus 4
9:51 Nexus 5
12:00 Nexus 6
14:33 Nexus 5X
15:03 Nexus 6P
16:04 Google Pixel
18:16 Pixel 2
20:09 Pixel 3
21:30 Pixel 3a
22:44 Pixel 4
24:14 Pixel 4a
26:00 Pixel 5
27:24 Pixel 5A
28:03 Pixel 6
30:33 What is a Google Phone?!

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Pickletehdromer 2 أشهر قبل
The OnePlus line would be absolutely fascinating. They’ve had such a bizarre history, it would be really fun to see a retrospective from you. I actually bought a OnePlus One based on your review! It was a toss up between it and the Nexus 5, and to this day I still feel the One was the better choice at the time.
James James
James James 8 أيام قبل
Yeah not even
jiayaw 22 أيام قبل
@MzzzzCateArcher I was hesitant with the first two generations but there have been so good deals on the fold 3 lately plus the one plus 7pro being almost 3 years old now,it's time for an upgrade and I want something that's more different than just the jump from the 7 pro to the 9 so decided on the fold
MzzzzCateArcher 22 أيام قبل
@jiayaw good luck with that. I'm not sure I want a folding device yet
jiayaw 22 أيام قبل
@MzzzzCateArcher I was very loyal to oneplus for a long time from the og oneplus 1, then I got the 3 for my next upgrade and then the 7 pro! Love all three of them. The 7 pro is still going strong but I am now waiting to get my hands on the z fold 3! Time for something revolutionary
hihellhi 25 أيام قبل
Bizarre? Basically all of their phones have just been rebranded oppo phones with different software.
Serial Killers Documentaries
Serial Killers Documentaries أشهر قبل
You should do the history of mobile phones :) From that 2 kgs brick to that tiny Panasonic G series and back to bricks.
Xo Xoxo
Xo Xoxo أيام قبل
@The Glow Cloud go away incel
The Glow Cloud
The Glow Cloud أيام قبل
get out
Xo Xoxo
Xo Xoxo أشهر قبل
Keep up those great uploads!
Richard Craig
Richard Craig أشهر قبل
Absolutely would love to see a Galaxy S video! Especially the weirdness with the S1 and S2 and how carriers in the US still required "unique" phones with different styles and names. The Galaxy S3 was the first really HUGE Android phone that was unified in name and branding and design, something that truly stood up to iPhone.
Ellie Kim
Ellie Kim 7 أيام قبل
@Emil Cruz that was my first Samsung device
Nope Never
Nope Never أشهر قبل
@AJF I know it does, it's part of why I got it.
AJF أشهر قبل
@Nope Never Lol S3 has Amoled
patrick jackson
patrick jackson أشهر قبل
It was good that it was the same on all carriers but the pre installed and uninstallable apps were a huge thing especially when the iphone didn't have that and the iphone still had way better performance and battery life.
Sam Bailor
Sam Bailor أشهر قبل
S3 was my first smart phone!
Alexander K
Alexander K أشهر قبل
The Nexus 6P blew my mind at the time. Was one of the best phones I ever had. It felt so high quality with all the metal and the fingerprintreader was awesome. Also you can't beat stock android.
felmane 3 أيام قبل
@Sinus Lebastian as someone who has existed on samsung phones for about 10 years, I recently tried out a pixel 4 for a while and man the UI is so much better than oneui its crazy how big the difference really is
Jason MacKenzie
Jason MacKenzie أشهر قبل
Man I felt the same way at the time. I loved that phone. I remember the camera being stellar as well. Until one day it went into that boot cycle thing and was basically bricked. The same thing happened to my daughters as well
Shashi Kumar
Shashi Kumar أشهر قبل
nexus 5
addium أشهر قبل
lol pixels dont have stock android anymore. there are some pixel exclusive features now
Sinus Lebastian
Sinus Lebastian أشهر قبل
One UI is pretty great too apart from the bloat (which you can delete) imo.
Jesse Gower
Jesse Gower أشهر قبل
Would love to see a video on the windows phone line! So much to unpack there. I’d really like to have a better understanding of why they couldn’t get it to take off. It was honestly a very stable OS and a great pairing to what Nokia was doing at the time.
Silversmurfer أشهر قبل
My guess would be app support. Had a Nokia 920 for a year and was absolutely blow away at how good the camera was and how good it performed in general. But what made me switch to android was the lack of apps I wanted/needed to use.
BabyCoco أشهر قبل
My first smartphone ever was a Windows phone, and it was honesty pretty solid back in like... 2010 i think? Ive always wondered why they never took off. Wish there was a way to find out ;)
Stardevoir أشهر قبل
The simplest explanation for why the OS didn’t take off was poor app support, but I’d assume there was secondary issues I’m not too educated on
Love Make Share
Love Make Share أشهر قبل
Same. There was such a variety of hardware at the beginning - constrained by Microsoft's requirements but trying to think outside the box anyway. I feel like the later phones never really got highlighted in the way the peak Nokia devices did, so it would be interesting to look at them as the conclusion of that line.
Alexey أشهر قبل
That would be interesting to learn about.
JackBauer137 2 أشهر قبل
The Nexus 5 was insane for the price. It just had a bad loudspeaker
Charli Grace D’Amelio
Charli Grace D’Amelio أشهر قبل
It came out in 2014 do you think their were any smartphones with good speakers best iphone was 6 and plus which are tr ash so stfu
When I think of android I think of Nexus 5. I feel like that design should have evolved challenge iPhone design language
loveableterror أشهر قبل
@JackBauer137 true, but it seems the majority of the leaks center around it being directed towards India, considering that the a-class phones tend to go that way. I can hope so for our fellow tech enthusiasts, if they can just have a small sliver of the upgrades this phone offers it will be nice.
JackBauer137 أشهر قبل
@loveableterror the 6A won't be coming out until around August 2022
Kai Sizzlink
Kai Sizzlink أشهر قبل
my nexus 5 started bootlooping after 2 years of use. it used to get very hot while in use.
Jobney أشهر قبل
I always considered the Moto X to be a "google phone." It felt like an early attempt to make what the pixel is today. A phone that runs google's version of skinned stock android. It felt different than what Samsung did with its skins. My wife's Samsung phones with Touchwiz always seemed to have unnessisary changes vs stock android that didn't improve functionality and often felt unintuitive when I had to help her with her phone.
Logan James
Logan James أشهر قبل
I considered the 5th generation moto x, disgustingly named the "2015 moto x pure/style edition", to be a refinement of the nexus 6. Owning that phone was truly amazing, until about a year and a half later when I realized that Motorola had no intentions of updating the software like google did. Regardless, the specs were even better than the nexus 6 and the software was still clean as a whistle like the nexus phone.
Alexey أشهر قبل
I agree with you guys. I loved that phone so much!
Radosveta Kinova
Radosveta Kinova أشهر قبل
I have moto edge 20 and it feels pretty googly
Sassquatch571 أشهر قبل
Agreed! I think a big reason for this is that Motorola was owned by Google during the Moto x era. A lot of what current phones use as standard were present in the Moto x. The "okay Google" and always on display were pioneered by Motorola with the Moto x and Google has incorporated it into all their stuff after that.
Yagya Parihar
Yagya Parihar أشهر قبل
Yeah, I also consider the first two Moto X and G phones to be Google phones. The second gen X and G were the first non-Nexus devices to ship the Google Now Launcher, which arrived in an OTA update.
melina أشهر قبل
I‘d love to see a S-line version, especially with the … more interesting recent changes in the line up (going from cheap to high quality to partially cheap again over time)
Linnea Jonsson
Linnea Jonsson أشهر قبل
Åker till att det inte att det med mig så kan
1c2reative أشهر قبل
About year and a half ago had a chance to see and play for a while with the Nexus 6P. This phone was ahead of its time. Huge, almost unnecessarily huge. But combined with a nice display and software that still runs smoothly - there just something about it Just my two cents. Nice video Mr. Brownlee, cheers!
Very POG
Very POG أيام قبل
@King Pistachion FREEZE
King Pistachion
King Pistachion أشهر قبل
I have obamium syndrome
phillip smith
phillip smith أشهر قبل
I absolutely loved my Nexus 4. I love the sparkly glass back so much I had to get a bumper case that was clear in the back. The screen was a little small but crystal clear and perfectly adequate for the time.
Rene Ritchie
Rene Ritchie 2 أشهر قبل
Love these. I've owned the Nexus One and Nexus 4, and Pixels 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6. Hype to see them all back to back to back like this!
AetheusYT أشهر قبل
@The Behavior panel ▫️ Lol WTF there is a bit
Geri Peak
Geri Peak أشهر قبل
Hmmm...I can't even remember them all:. G1, Nexus one, Nexus 4, 5, 6, Nexus 6p, pixel xl, pixel 2xl, pixel 4a, pixel 6... Plus G2, htc m1 and fam had to go my way, do we also had some Galaxy phones, thenthat customizable Motorola x, and the g, and pixel 3a. Early on I felt this was like the Amiga of smartphones, but they didn't die out, do ..
Geri Peak
Geri Peak أشهر قبل
@A.J. Ash I haven't had problems. In fact, I've been surprised by the battery life. The six could be my fave if all time, and I've had about half of the line. More, counting family
The Behavior panel ▫️
The Behavior panel ▫️ أشهر قبل
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Moisés Fogaça de Bittencourt
Moisés Fogaça de Bittencourt 2 أشهر قبل
Ross Lemon
Ross Lemon أشهر قبل
The Nexus 6 was easily one of my most favorite phones I've owned and even people who weren't tech enthusiasts loved the phone. One dude told me "Bro, that's a badass looking phone."
Noorain Fouzan
Noorain Fouzan 8 أيام قبل
@Joshimitsu91 sucks. My Nexus 6p got stolen. I still miss the camera. 💔
Joshimitsu91 أشهر قبل
Favourite phone I've owned by far. Slowly died a death due to the firmware issue where cores were shut off when battery dropped below 50%. Then one day it dropped out of my pocket as I shut the car door and I crushed it. Gutted!
The Behavior panel ▫️
The Behavior panel ▫️ أشهر قبل
Hit me up 👆👆 for further assistance..
John McCracken Jr
John McCracken Jr أشهر قبل
I would love to hear your thoughts on the Palm Pre phone, Palm brand, and their Web OS software. The Palm Pre was suppose to be the iPhone killer. Their Web OS was actually brilliant but lacked any apps or App Store. I had this phone right before my first iPhone. It was the closet thing to an iPhone I was able to achieve at the time. Still a great phone. Pebble/organic design, compact, had a mirror on the back for selfies after you slid the screen up. It was shown in the TV show Heros as “the it phone”. Let’s not forget their CREEPY commercial though. Watch that with the lights on. It def had major flaws too. Sharp edge by the keyboard that would slice any finger, tiny tiny buttons, small screen (I didn’t mind then), and no store or processing power. Anyways, thank you for your consideration and for the time to read this if you did. I hope I will see a vid on this phone from you in the future.
BabyCoco أشهر قبل
Oh cmon, i looked them up, they werent that creepy! lol
Alberto Sanchez
Alberto Sanchez أشهر قبل
I've owned most of these swapping to the galaxy series in between and I have to say the nexus phones were some of my favorites. Even though it's hilariously big the Nexus 6 has been my most overall loved phone I've ever had. 4XL was also far more useful than people think. Now that I have the Pixel 6 I have to say I'm probably not switching out anytime soon.
The Behavior panel ▫️
The Behavior panel ▫️ أشهر قبل
Hit me up 👆👆 for further assistance..
Chad 28 أيام قبل
As a 1st time pixel owner of the p5, I'm glad to see the direction they are going. The p7 will be very interesting to see how they improve over the 6.
Katherine 2 أشهر قبل
Love these. I'm in the market for a new phone and the Pixel is on top of my shortlist
Lumina Spargo
Lumina Spargo أشهر قبل
pixel 6 pro. you're welcome
Diamond Panda
Diamond Panda أشهر قبل
@Makua Annon What update was that as I've got the phone and the fingerprint issues are still happening. Google have had to come out with a trusted screen protector list as so many aren't even working with the sensor.
Makua Annon
Makua Annon أشهر قبل
@Diamond Panda fingerprint issues was fixed with an update. As for the curved edges... I haven't heard anything about it myself but I'd guess it has to do with not using a curved edge phone before. Its a matter of personal preference
theherbpuffer أشهر قبل
There's also sacrifices, so you have to get what is best for you. I was about to pull the trigger on a 4A but I prefer to have headphone jack and expandable memory
ETT Media
ETT Media 2 أشهر قبل
@jerz.nate yeah the pixel 4XL is notorious for it's poor battery
McGriddle69 أشهر قبل
I loved HTC. I had an HTC one m7 and it's still one of my favorite phones I've ever owned. Kind of sucks that they're no longer among the best Android phones out there.
RT أشهر قبل
Great video. Being a Google fan, I really appreciate the video. This also reminds me of the current Pixel 6 somewhat similar to the Nexus 6P with the camera bar.
Vansh Trivedi
Vansh Trivedi أشهر قبل
Please do a Samsung version, I'd love to see how their smartphones have evolved to combat Apple's iPhones!
G أشهر قبل
@The Behavior panel ▫️ stop trying to scam people you weirdo
Rogith Kumar
Rogith Kumar أشهر قبل
Mrwhostheboss already did that with the note and s series
The Behavior panel ▫️
The Behavior panel ▫️ أشهر قبل
Hit me up 👆👆 for further assistance
Geek Abhishek
Geek Abhishek 29 أيام قبل
Please make a video on every Samsung Galaxy S Series review video i watched both apple and this one
JerryRigEverything 2 أشهر قبل
Ah, the good ol Nexus 6P.... Memories.
Particely أشهر قبل
Tường K Lê ■ 🅥
Tường K Lê ■ 🅥 أشهر قبل
I can’t handle listening to this guy fake voice
Jonas أشهر قبل
The video that i first watched on your channel
The Behavior panel ▫️
The Behavior panel ▫️ أشهر قبل
Hit me up 👆👆 for further assistance,
Praveen Justin
Praveen Justin أشهر قبل
I too miss that phone
Vance Tan
Vance Tan أشهر قبل
I remember really wanted the 5X back in the day, but I was living in a different country where Google phones were generally hard to come by. Then I moved and got the 3a. Let's just say it was an essential phone, really happy with it. Then I got the Pixel 6, largely due to the sheer value of the phone. Kinda wish it's not as big as it is, but still very much happy with it. I like where Google is heading, expecting great things in the future.
Cora Taylor
Cora Taylor 23 أيام قبل
Nexus 4 and 5 were so amazing for me. I remember having the LG Optimus G and converting it to an N4 with LGNPST. Eventually got a real one tho. Also had the red N5, that absolutely was THE best phone I ever had.
Honest Watch Reviews
Honest Watch Reviews أشهر قبل
I've been using Android phones pretty much from the beginning. My first was the HTC Hero. I've been hooked every since. I really miss HTC... They use to make some of the best phones. I also miss the 'Google Play Edition' phones as well. Just imagine how cool it would be to have a Google Play Editon of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra for example.
The Behavior panel ▫️
The Behavior panel ▫️ أشهر قبل
Hit me up 👆👆 for further assistance..
Kshimone Bardey
Kshimone Bardey 12 أيام قبل
An HTC version of this would be really good too, actually just following the evolution of any one of the big phone companies wether they’re around or not now would be super interesting to watch “every ___ phone review” should be like a series
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson 2 أشهر قبل
Shout to HTC. Look back at their flagship line up. People forget how important HTC has been to current smartphones. A lot of what you see today, HTC tried first. Not always great attempts but definitely a company that had flagships which made a huge impact on the industry.
Sam S
Sam S 22 أيام قبل
So unfortunate that they stopped making smartphones 😔
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson 29 أيام قبل
@Teigh great phone. But I had camera issues with my M8. The 10 and u11 was a much better experience. The M7 was a nice flex at the time with front facing speakers and the bears logo haha
Teigh 29 أيام قبل
The HTC One M8 is hands down the best phone I ever owned.
Fred-D أشهر قبل
That HTC was the shit fr fr
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson أشهر قبل
@At Oussama it was way before it’s time. HTC did a lot of stuff early that didn’t work out but other companies perfected later on.
Braden Fouts
Braden Fouts أشهر قبل
That shot where you cycled through the phones in chronological order was awesome! So satisfying! I love watching your videos because the cinematography and audio are so good. I appreciate the effort you put into making these videos so polished. I would be interested in seeing some more videos about how you make your videos.
BabyCoco أشهر قبل
That was sick. Definitely stood out to me, too.
Asser Zayed
Asser Zayed أشهر قبل
This has brought up so many memories to me. I remember flashing these Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs and they be super laggy on my huawei u8160 that shipped with Android 2.2 Froyo. I remember wanting the Nexus 4 so bad, I was only 12 so amazing to see how tech has gotten even from the short period of just a decade. Thanks for the quality content.
Silversmurfer أشهر قبل
Would love to see a LG line up. They have been making phone since the beginning of android and made some pretty innovative stuff (Optimus 2x, P920, the modular G5).
CHITUS💙⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ أشهر قبل
Absolutely would love to see a Galaxy S video! Especially the weirdness with the S1 and S2 and how carriers in the US still required "unique" phones with different styles and names. The Galaxy S3 was the first really HUGE Android phone that was unified in name and branding and design, something that truly stood up to iPhone.
ChillgrooveR 2 أشهر قبل
I'd love to see the story of HTC - a manufacturer that had quite a lot of success in the "Android" world and released one of the best smartphones ever "HTC One", but for some reason they got lost
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan 2 أشهر قبل
The One really was something else for Android... To this day it'd be tough to find a phone that compares in terms of super high-end design, performance and just that extra bit of exclusive-cool that until then was basically apple's domain
Hamza Azam
Hamza Azam 2 أشهر قبل
@Shahab H yes and well htc was unable to compete with Chinese phone pricing. They gradually lost all segments of smartphone market
Shahab H
Shahab H 2 أشهر قبل
But for some reason? Well only one reason. China dominant market couldn't stand a Taiwanese company being one of the leaders in smartphone industry.
Hamza Azam
Hamza Azam 2 أشهر قبل
Htc simply failed because of bad and/or no marketing. They made the best or one of the best phones in their time. Their phones were also priced on abit higher side.
Anders Toft
Anders Toft 2 أشهر قبل
Check Coldfusion, he has a super good video on the rise and fall of HTC (and Nokia, Blackberry and other giants that fell)
LeGoogle Chrome
LeGoogle Chrome 27 أيام قبل
I absolutely loved my nexus 6! Yes it was huge and that was awesome basically before the z fold this was how you could have a flagship phone that's almost a tablet too. I've had the Nexus 5x too and the 1,2 and 3XL Pixels so I'll be honest and say I'm very much a Google fanboy 😅
Roel M. Mata
Roel M. Mata 22 أيام قبل
Watching the different phones and UIs brings back so many memories 😁
Nemanja J
Nemanja J أشهر قبل
I still remember using Pixel 2 (XL) and all my friends and people on social media being like whoa what is that camera?! They really pushed the boundary and set the stage with the leap is what it means to have an amazing camera phone
E. Ramirez
E. Ramirez أشهر قبل
Man the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 were so 🔥. I also remember running all the different roms (CyanogenRom, Cobalt Rom etc.) and kernels on that thing, what a tank. The 4 was so beautiful for the time.
Joey Ramirez
Joey Ramirez 2 أشهر قبل
Would love to see a “The Birth and Death of LG”, had many friends that gave their phones a try and they never really ended up sticking with them. Wondering what finally took them out of the game.
Akosua Noelle
Akosua Noelle 2 أشهر قبل
I just came here to say... I have a high end LG phone that's about 2 years old. It was so fun and fascinating when it was new, and it absolutely STINKS now.
DjScribblez 2 أشهر قبل
LG are my favorite. I personally love that they always tried something new with every phone. They were never boring. A good chunk of phone innovations we have today were started by LG. I was hurt when they dropped the phone business.
Matt C
Matt C 2 أشهر قبل
@Byzantine you realize those were entirely different products right?
Byzantine 2 أشهر قبل
@Matt C I had a G3 it was terrible. Screen was washed out and the UI was ugly. Just not a fan. To each their own.
Matt C
Matt C 2 أشهر قبل
The G2 was a great phone for the time. Had to replace the battery in mine after a while but aside from that, great form factor and the software wasn't as bad as some people claim.
Dilan Freeman
Dilan Freeman أشهر قبل
An LG video world be cool. I loved the V series but towards the end LG really seemed to be the last ones trying to innovate in exciting hardware and they paid the ultimate price for it.
Dakota Sutsko
Dakota Sutsko 8 أيام قبل
Having owned 4 different versions of the Galaxy S line, I'd love a retrospective on those
i disagree
i disagree أشهر قبل
I remember the HTC desire S, haha. My parents both had em unti eventually switching to whatever the current iphone was at the time, but i thought those phones were so cool. The desires we had were really well built, and HTC's whole UI experience was by far better than the competition at the time. It was definitely the first "premium" feeling phone i'd ever seen up until that point. (also, I think is the desire s but I'm not sure. It had really, really nice machining on the front facing camera and speaker grill, and it ran the android version where you could pull a ring up from the bottom to unlock
セラフ أشهر قبل
Having upgraded from a basic LG smartphone at the time to the Galaxy Nexus, I definitely fell in love with the pure, barebones android experience. I've had to settle on other, non-nexus non-pixel phones from time to time over the years depending on availability with my carrier (currently using a samsung S20 5G since my pixel 2 broke down and there were NO pixels available at the time). Honestly when my contract is over with this phone I'm really itching to go back to a pixel phone since I've always had extremely good experiences with google flagship phones. Hopefully by then the 6A is out and I can upgrade to that. Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 5, Pixel 2... All amazing phones and had I had my pick I'd have upgraded to another pixel phone right away.
Black Conservative Patriot
Black Conservative Patriot 2 أشهر قبل
I loved my Nexus 6P and the Pixel 6 with the visor reminds me of that final non-Pixel phone. I am ordering the 6 Pro right now.
EclipseCircle أشهر قبل
The OG Pixel is still my favorite smartphone to this day. It just did everything right and it’s the smartphone I kept the longest.
Hassan Alhussain
Hassan Alhussain أشهر قبل
Great work and research, Marques. I think the next should be the flagship line by HTC as they had so many bloody innovative and interesting smartphones. Really excited to see this one.
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The Behavior panel ▫️ أشهر قبل
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Keeron Flores
Keeron Flores أشهر قبل
That G1 brought back so many memories. That was my first official “android phone”. It was amazing
Danish Ansari
Danish Ansari أشهر قبل
I love the way Google Pixel 1 looks, its just so amazing and unique
Adewale Oluyinka
Adewale Oluyinka 2 أشهر قبل
Can't believe I spent half an hour watching what is essentially a phone documentary. Great job!
Mark Glenn
Mark Glenn 2 أشهر قبل
I just fell a sleep in my chair
JTBringe 2 أشهر قبل
That's the beauty of a well produced video and a presenter that knows what he/she is doing. Anything can be interesting if it's packaged in the right way.
Peter Iordaah
Peter Iordaah 2 أشهر قبل
to be honest! And it didn't even feel like half an hour. Was so immeresed into the content
John Lloyd
John Lloyd أشهر قبل
Great video (as always)! Would love to see one on Palm phones. Had a Pre Plus that I loved back in the day, and webOS was terrific/advanced for its time.
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Whatsapp, contact marques as the winner!!!
Ali Almohsen
Ali Almohsen أشهر قبل
That was a really exciting evolution, thanks for sharing that. While more people like Galaxy, I feel like it's a mundane history, but OnePlus really went on a journey; I'd love to watch a review of that journey.
The Behavior panel ▫️
The Behavior panel ▫️ أشهر قبل
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lois elder
lois elder 11 أيام قبل
I LOVED my Pixel 2 XL in panda, genuinely think it's going to be my nostalgia phone. The photos are amazing, and I'm still nominated to take photos in a group setting because they know I have a pixel. I now have a Pixel 4a, because I needed a phone quickly after the battery just bottomed out, and I know I'm going to be upgrading to the 6, I just love the phone, but the 4a is far too small compared to the 2XL and the 6 is much better suited for a person like me with reading glasses!
nero vanguard
nero vanguard أشهر قبل
This could be a new series of it's own. Remembering the history of the most iconic phone series. LG G series, Galaxy S series, Galaxy Note series, etc.
Laurent D
Laurent D أشهر قبل
Brilliant! There is still a long way for Google to master both chip, hardware and software but they are getting there.
Bavan Amirthalingam
Bavan Amirthalingam أشهر قبل
Would have loved to know how well google did on sales for each iteration of the google phones
Mario Betamcourt
Mario Betamcourt 25 أيام قبل
Tu vídeo esta genial! Felicidades, personalmente he tenido el gusto más por las versiones de Android Stock y no las versiones modificadas como htc, LG y Samsung, etc. OnePlus pudo ser una opción con aosp pero ya he tenido Motorola con aosp y no fue una buena experiencia por la mala optimización del kernel. En México lamentablemente no se encuentra de manera oficial, solo con otros vendedores que algunas veces es más caro, quizá entre 300 USD más caro de lo que se vende en la web oficial. Ojalá que en algún momento podamos recibirlo de manera oficial y legal. Quien lo tenga, recomienda el Google pixel 6? O el 5a? Cuál es mejor?
PradeepKumar Rajendran
PradeepKumar Rajendran أشهر قبل
Nostalgic to see all of these and enjoyed the video. I loved my Nexus 4 and really wanted to get the Nexus 6P but shied away because of its price. Now, I often really come close to buy a Pixel phone but never really ended up buying them. I think it was hugely because of the influence of Oneplus phones. I even tried an iPhones for 3 years. At the this point, I am content with a good value-for-money phones. I really have absolutely no issues with my 12GB RAM version of Oneplus Nord and a decent Samsung A series phone. I'd love to get the budget version of Pixel 6 to experience the Tensor chip. On the other hand, I had to move to Mac because of its M1 chip though I am a Windows user all my life. I already have an iPad because Apple make the best tablets. So, where does it take me now? Should I buy an iPhone, finally become the 'lamb' and bow towards the Apple ecosystem eventually? And, that's why I have high hopes for Google's Tensor chips for the future and a healthy competition.
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Nico S.
Nico S. 2 أشهر قبل
I’d love to see a series like this for HTC. I know they aren’t really around anymore and their last flagship was released in 2018 but they have been so influential with phones like the HD2, the M8 and so many others. I just think it would be really fun to see how they evolved over time.
Cameron Ashby
Cameron Ashby أشهر قبل
I would even say to do a video of the cases that HTC made and those that are similar to it. The Dot View case and the one that came after it were awesome!
Ahmad Cole
Ahmad Cole 2 أشهر قبل
@iletyoucallmestevesyThe U11 was one of the best phones I've owned. Great hardware and software. Squeezable sides still worked. 3.5 years and I recently upgraded to the Pixel 6
XPoChangLinX 2 أشهر قبل
Technically... google phone these days are the true successors of the HTC flagship. Google basically bought the HTC mobile phone division and it's R&D team.
Gustav Holmström
Gustav Holmström 2 أشهر قبل
HTC Hero 💖 One of the best phones I’ve ever had, and so much better ergonomics than the bricks we have now!
Jerry C
Jerry C 2 أشهر قبل
M8 my vote for best phone ever. HTC One Max was ahead of the market 😆
Nathan Lopez
Nathan Lopez أشهر قبل
I have owned every one of these devices (even the tablets), except the G1/dream and the "a" série 🤓. Always came back to stock Android. Also, for the note, the Nexus One was one of the first to have a kind of "wireless" charger (with pin contacts) doubling as a media stand.
The Behavior panel ▫️
The Behavior panel ▫️ أشهر قبل
Hit me up 👆👆 for further assistance.,
GSSwordsmen أشهر قبل
I love this video. It's like we're going down the timeline, checking out how Google Phones came to be. They definitely went thru ALOT of companies before they decided to make their own stuff 😂 I too remember the Nexus but I was young so I couldn't afford one. I still was excited at Google's development because every feature they made shifted how other phone companies changed their features and hardware. Galaxy S5 was my main drive once I was able to have a good stack of batteries and I waited to see if things would change for my next phone. My first Google phone and my first "bought for myself phone" was a Pixel 3a. I was so conflicted with buying the 3a XL but I already had a Galaxy S8 in my pocket, so made sense to get the smaller one so I don't look like I got bulgy pockets. I rocked that phone for a while. Loved the Google Assistant that screened phone calls for me. K.O.ed a lot of scam callers And now, I was comparing the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. I decided to go with the Pixel 5a since it was on sale from Google Store, and will wait for a good deal to come from my phone carrier 🤣
King Pistachion
King Pistachion أشهر قبل
Nice comment except for the unironic use of emoji.
COD Warzone Eliminations
COD Warzone Eliminations أشهر قبل
Loved the Google Pixel 2xl, it was definitely peak smartphone for me, It was my first smartphone and I remember comparing the iPhone x to the 2xl and deciding to get the pixel💗. Still regret not getting the panda finish. I upgraded to a new phone last year but still have the 2xl and love using it from time to time.
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rhaphazard ✖️
rhaphazard ✖️ أشهر قبل
Nexus4 was one of my first smartphones and I still look back fondly on it.
Jonathan Stout
Jonathan Stout أشهر قبل
Great video. Drooled over the Nexus OG. Had the g1, another T-Mobile HTC from the early days. Nexus 5. Nexus 5a. Pixel 2xl. Pixel 3a. Pixel 4a and now the pixel 6. What a ride.
N Petit
N Petit أشهر قبل
The Pixel 6 is amazing and I am considering getting it in part because it uses a lot of Samsung hardware. The screen, the Exynos variant chip, the camera module, etc. It looks like a Galaxy Note. Google software on Samsung hardware is the dream.
Enoch 'Robot Boy' Appiah Junior
Enoch 'Robot Boy' Appiah Junior أشهر قبل
I feel so old anytime I watch these types of videos. But still, keep 'em coming!
Kevin Garcia
Kevin Garcia 9 أيام قبل
My first android phone was a Nexus S, which was the Samsung Galaxy S1 with Google/Nexus Philosophy built-in. It was nice how far android has come since then. Currently rocking Note 20 Ultra atm.
Stefan Ropotean
Stefan Ropotean 2 أشهر قبل
I for one would be very interested in a deep dive into Sony’s line of flagships over time. I remember how well received the Xperia Z3 was at the time and how they slowly started doing worse and worse after that. Also how their naming scheme completely went off the rails 😂 If not that, HTC would also be very interesting, cause they genuinely tried for a while, but we all remember the U Ultra 😂
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The Behavior panel ▫️ أشهر قبل
Hit me up 👆👆 for further assistance..
Edster 2 أشهر قبل
The moment Sony and ericsson broke up that was it. Never seen their appeal and UI at all. Now with bigger stuff in it looks like their market keep getting niche by every model it produces.
Pixels 2 أشهر قبل
@Rawrrr 1. The highest Mark (roman) number is the latest. 2. The XZ2 came out in 2018 which was a full year before the S10 came out with the bezel-less design.
Rawrrr 2 أشهر قبل
@Pixels 1. Terrible naming. Idk which Sony is the latest. 2. Looks severely outdated compared to ALL of it's competition. Samsung & Apple were bezel-free a damn year before the XZ2 came out. That's enough. No matter how great the device itself is, those 2 points alone make it a hard sell.
Rawrrr 2 أشهر قبل
Yeah, the Xperia Z3 was regarded as GOD-TIER. They are THE GOAT back in the days.
James Sarno
James Sarno أشهر قبل
Owned a Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 6 (my favorite) and a 6P. Loved them all. Now I'm waiting for my Pixel 6 Pro to come. Going back to Google for the first time since the 6P and I can't wait.
Ice Kold Killa
Ice Kold Killa أشهر قبل
I remember most of these when they came out. I remember not having money but finally got a Nexus 5 shortly after it came out. Then years later upgraded to Pixel 2 XL. Been using that since 2017. I'm thinking of getting the Pixel 7 if they continue down the route of the 6. And if the price is right.
Sergio RT
Sergio RT أشهر قبل
This video and channel is amazing and the amount of knowledge and love that you have for these phones is admirable, but you and your videos could be benefited with good background music. Just a piece of advice, dude 😉
Shamiul Haque
Shamiul Haque أشهر قبل
Great one. Loved the review on line of Google phones.Please carry on with Motorola, HTC, OnePlus, Huawei, Samsung and Sony.
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AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke
AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke 2 أشهر قبل
I looovved that trackball with customized colors for different notifications ✅
T Freeman
T Freeman 2 أشهر قبل
I miss the colored notification LED. Made it really easy to see if my phone was done charging or not
Joe 2 أشهر قبل
Soren M
Soren M أشهر قبل
This is awesome, I haven't had many smartphones in my life, but all of them have been my dad's old google phones. The nexus 5x was AWESOME (until I ran into the boot loop thing) and my current pixel 2, other than the terrible battery (due to hard use) is THE BEST phone I've owned
Ammon Simmons
Ammon Simmons أشهر قبل
I had the shamu nexus 6 for years and I loved it. It was massive though. I’m 6’3” and it still turned heads. I went to the pixel 2 after and regretted not getting the 2 XL.
Nerry أشهر قبل
Yes, back in the day I was a happy owner of Bright Red Nexus 5. After my Nexus 4 was stolen. But still Nexus 5 is the most satisfying smartphone that I ever had. Also. Nexus 5 had HDR+ too.
TekGeekHD أشهر قبل
I had a nexus 4. It was my first and only Android phone - and it was AMAZING. I loved it so much!
Mantenner 2 أشهر قبل
The nexus 4 was an absolutely gorgeous phone, I wanted one so badly but was too young at the time. Stunning design, and the snapdragon S4 pro in it was an absolute beast for the time. Definitely the one that got away for me in terms of phones. Never wanted a phone so much. Hell, even now.
Rocky Bashimor
Rocky Bashimor أشهر قبل
@bootie- I miss those day and I got introduced to the rooting world and custom room with HTC wildfire
c0p0n 2 أشهر قبل
It was a lovely phone to have for sure.
Louis Mesta
Louis Mesta 2 أشهر قبل
Same for me! But I wanted the pixel 6 pretty damn bad & luckily got one before they sold out
Adam Jones
Adam Jones 2 أشهر قبل
I LOVED my Nexus 4. Just a beautiful phone. It was sturdy too, I dropped it about 30 feet onto concrete in it's standard "side bumper" case it came with. It was 100% fine not even a scratch. I did eventually break the front screen when I dropped it directly into a small rock, but I replaced the screen/digitizer myself for pretty cheap. Custom roms and random Tasker automaton stuff.... What good times.
bootie- 2 أشهر قبل
the good old days of when flashing custom roms was fun
theherbpuffer أشهر قبل
Interesting with the software slowing down over time. I was about to get the Pixel 4A because Mi just got too buggy so wanted to prevent that. Went with Galaxy A52 instead, hopefully the software will be smooth for a few years.
A.R. أشهر قبل
Nexus 4, Nexus 5, and the Pixel 5 are my favourite Google phones. I LOVE the more basic design of the N5 and P5 (especially the P5, it's my daily driver today and an absolute tank of a phone). I hope the 7 or atleast the 7A have similar designs once they are released. The sooner glass-backed phones are eradicated from the face of the earth, the better.
A.R. أشهر قبل
@Hristo D The weight and feel of the P5 is excellent imo, it's heavy enough to feel solid but not cumbersome, and the grip feels great due to the relatively small screen and textured plastic. I've dropped mine a few times without a dent, but obviously that's just luck and YMMV. Battery life is among the best I've experienced in a smartphone, easily lasts me through an average day. Only real complaint is that the fingerprint scanner is cranky as hell and outright refuses to work at times
Hristo D
Hristo D أشهر قبل
That's the one thing I miss the most about my Nexus 5 nowadays, the ruggedness. Light plastic build, great grip, not having to worry that much about your phone. Does the Pixel 5 feel comparable in that regard, and is the battery good enough?
Nexus 5 was my very first smartphone in life. It was sooooo amazing.
String Bean
String Bean 25 أيام قبل
Awesome video, can you do one on the Sony phones? There's a lot to cover, and I feel like they've finally come into their own with the Xperia 1,5,10 line ups.
Marc Springer
Marc Springer 2 أشهر قبل
Fantastic video, very nostalgic. I feel like OnePlus story has been covered in various capacities already in recent videos (e.g. "What happened to OnePlus"). A history of Samsung especially with the awful TouchWiz to the great One UI would be very interesting.
William Fan
William Fan 2 أشهر قبل
Goodness, Marquez would probably take around a whole season of Retro tech just trying to cover all the Galaxy devices lol.
Fern 10 أيام قبل
Very interesting! The subject, but also your style of presenting. The best. I would love to see the history of Samsungs galaxy S.
Jarred أشهر قبل
I loved my Galaxy Nexus. My first smart phone was the Samsung Captivate which I think was technically the S1. I used to upload custom rims and kernels myself. The coolest Android phone I probably every had was the Motorola Atrix with the laptop dock. I just switched to an iPhone from the Note 10+ and that’s because all the reasons I went with an Android aren’t real big anymore. I don’t overclock or sideload Roms anymore, not to mention expandable memory and headphone jacks are in the way out. Plus my family all have iPhones so now I can FaceTime my parents to talk to my kids. Androids will always hold a place in my tech heart. Lol.
idleagent أشهر قبل
I think you really short change the pixel 5. I get that it's not the most exciting piece of hardware for a tech reviewer to get their hands on but for everyday users it has been a real bright spot in the Google phone experience history
Michael Goode
Michael Goode أشهر قبل
My first smartphone was the HTC Desire HD. I really loved the phone and would have continued down the HTC road but Samsung came along with the S4 and I became hooked. I have only owned four smartphones: the HTC, Galaxy S4, S7 and my current 3 year old S9. I am very tempted by the Pixel 6 Pro at the moment. I have looked at the Xperia 5 III, Galaxy S21, Galaxy Z flip 3 and even iPhone 13 but I keep being drawn back to the Pixel Pro 6. I take lots of photos and very few videos, like to download audio books and music for playback through Bluetooth headphones, make may calls and spend too much down time on ARface. Thoughts Marcus?
George Symeou
George Symeou 2 أشهر قبل
The story of Sony Ericsson, the Walkman phone were fantastic. And Nokia incredible innovators with massive market share, made the smallest phone I ever owned and now have transitioned into obscurity.
cracknigga أشهر قبل
i had two models of the walkman phone. they were soo dope at the time.
R. F.
R. F. 2 أشهر قبل
Yeeeeeeaaa the Sony-Xperia-Ericsson-idk phone recopilation
Indra Riswandi
Indra Riswandi 2 أشهر قبل
My last non-smarphone was Sony W880i.
Benjamin Karam
Benjamin Karam 2 أشهر قبل
Man, phones were more fun back on the day. I loved the Sony Ericsson phones and the headphones that came with them were mind blowing, compared to the competition.
Vysair 2 أشهر قبل
Sony is huge on audiophile market and they made some pretty nice other IoT as well.
FubstheFish أشهر قبل
I finally started searching for a replacement phone after having my only smartphone for over 4 years. It seems the only phones that fit my needs are the new line of Xperias from Sony.
teamnaruto أشهر قبل
My all time favourite phone is *nexus 6p Well I always wanted a stock android phone but there are very low smartphones around in India. I hope Google will step up in Indian market
Valentine Li
Valentine Li أشهر قبل
I had Nexus 6P and Pixel 2. Pixel 2 still rocks after a battery change. Love to see what Pixel 6A brings.
The Behavior panel ▫️
The Behavior panel ▫️ أشهر قبل
Hit me up 👆👆 for further assistance...
Sebbas أشهر قبل
I hope to see a Samsung S line soon, 🙏🏼 I've been a long time Samsung user and to see the specs over the years change ,I want to hear it from a pro and show that Samsungs are a good option besides an iPhone and get good quality.
isbey 2 أشهر قبل
One of the most underrated phones was the Pixel 3. The awkward choices that Google made for the Pixel 3 XL really overshadowed what a slam dunk the Pixel 3 was. It had everything you could possibly want in a phone at the time. Dual front facing stereo speakers, two selfie cameras, regular and ultra wide, a single perfect main camera, and probably the best thing about it, it was the last phone to have a standard bezel. No notch, no hole punch, just a normal damn screen.
Zach 23 أيام قبل
I was using a pixel 3 up until a few days ago. I loved that phone. The USB port died mid way through it's life so I could only charge it wirelessly. It could take a fall to. Up until September 2021. It slipped out of my pocket getting out of the car. Shattered the back. After that I started having Bluetooth issues which made me notice how bad the battery life had gotten. How hot the back got when I took a panorama photo. It was time to retire.
Daniel Niu
Daniel Niu أشهر قبل
I have it rn, if it wasnt for the awful battery life I would keep it for as long as possible. The little things about this phone make it great, the squeeze for assistance the haptic engine and the swipe down of the fingerprint sensor to bring down the notification tab and the great software
Insert cool name later
Insert cool name later أشهر قبل
Yeah, still using the Pixel 3. If it had a headphone jack and a bigger battery, it would be perfect.
Ngoc Thach Nguyen
Ngoc Thach Nguyen أشهر قبل
I agree. They need to bring back the dual front facing speakers. I don't mind the chin and forehead bar. Edge to edge screen with the dumb camera cutout is stupid. The bar makes it easier to hold the phone in landscape for gaming.
MysticMicrowave أشهر قبل
@LUL my comment never posted, wtf. It was an app called Nacho notch
Francesco Carlo
Francesco Carlo أشهر قبل
My first android phone was the Galaxy Nexus, then came the Nexus 6P which I absolutely loved! Good old times when I had the time to play with ROM's and stuff. iPhone user now.
Vivek Pund
Vivek Pund أشهر قبل
Great video; I feel you should do one on the Galaxy S series....... I feel that's THE Android phone every year which takes the fight to Apple. It's like the Apple and the Samsung phones rule the roost of flagship smartphones and the S/Note series represent the Android camp and put forward their case the strongest against the Apple side.
Shogun أشهر قبل
I just want to pop in and say, the Huawei Google Nexus 6P is still, to this day, the best phone I've ever owned. At the time, it was perfect for me.
Leander Jobse
Leander Jobse أشهر قبل
I had the Nexus 5X which remains to be my most favorite phone I've had so far (bought it with discount tho). The camera was awesome and it was very comfortable to hold thanks to the low weight. Unfortunately, the motherboard died exactly two years after I purchased it, so just out of warranty. Since then, I've been rocking a Samsung A8 for nearly four years, and although a decent phone, it doesn't have the charm nor the camera the Nexus had.
Yonatan Gemmi
Yonatan Gemmi 2 أشهر قبل
One correction. The nexus 4 technically did have LTE hardware, however they never opened up the use to it in the software. You could do it yourself (which I did) and then have LTE.
Ricky Wong
Ricky Wong 2 أشهر قبل
This was the key difference that had me using the Nexus 4 for over 2 years. The band-4 LTE was even better than the Nexus 5 that I ended up getting.
tokuzumi1 2 أشهر قبل
Also, the 4 was identical, hardware wise, to the first LG G series phone (not called the G....I think the name was written out). As I recall, flashing a custom recovery was not possible at the time, but you could flash the stock Nexus 4 ROM to the LG G1, and it would work out of the box.
Ahmed Kassem
Ahmed Kassem 2 أشهر قبل
Yes I actually remember the same thing! I followed the steps back then from XDA and it had great LTE back then
obsidian17 2 أشهر قبل
YUP! I was slinging phones for a T-Mobile franchisee when this phone dropped and I fell in love instantly! I made sure to know all about it because it was the only phone I would try to push out the door…Damn I miss that phone! Funny story, it was my go to for torrenting files from the wild!
Yonatan Gemmi
Yonatan Gemmi 2 أشهر قبل
@Alex May interesting
Joel Alanis
Joel Alanis أشهر قبل
The NEXUS 5 was my first smartphone. It still has a special place in my heart. :)
Zakaria Ibnu Moustapha
Zakaria Ibnu Moustapha أشهر قبل
The Nexus 6P was so good. Best phone I ever owned until there was a worldwide software issue that bricked the phone. From the Nexus 6p up until now, I haven't really seen that much improvement anymore on camera and screen, except for high refresh rate. Also owned a galaxy nexus, good stuff.
NeatoNito أشهر قبل
I'd love to see the Oneplus line get the same treatment, love the content!
obli vion
obli vion أشهر قبل
21:09 I laughed out loud and startled everybody on the bus I was travelling on!🤣 I've heard people commenting that the 6A will also have a Tensor chip inside, but what I think should be done, is that It should have a plastic body, maybe some bezels, maybe the Pixel 4-5A camera look, a Snapdragon 865 SoC, and 18W charging. I really hope this set of features keeps it's price as low as possible. Oh, main and ultrawide cameras with 12 MP resolutions each.
Oliver Frohlich
Oliver Frohlich 2 أشهر قبل
I would love to see the history of Nokia. From the Cityman in the 80s, to the notorious 3310 up until the end as Microsoft phones 📱
Piipperi800 2 أشهر قبل
@Muhammad Anhar HMD is also a Finnish company tho, also since Microsoft bought them, they were just using the Nokia brand for their phones (until then one day they just stopped using Nokia name and started calling them Microsoft phones
Piipperi800 2 أشهر قبل
@Oliver Frohlich they're not immemorable, they're just an absolute mess spec wise, they have like 3 same phones with just slightly different specs and 0.1 inch difference on screen sizes. Also the names make no sense anymore. Oh and then their software is another shithole
Muhammad Anhar
Muhammad Anhar 2 أشهر قبل
@Luan Rosa well they are being manufactured under HMD, not Nokia that sold to Microsoft
Sudarshan R
Sudarshan R 2 أشهر قبل
I have a Microsoft phone but it does not work 😅
Oliver Frohlich
Oliver Frohlich 2 أشهر قبل
@Luan Rosa You're right! Totally forgot they're making android phones again. Albeit immemorable ones!
agamq أشهر قبل
Amazing video Marqués! Keep em coming and thanks for the explanations
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