Smartphone Cameras vs Reality!

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Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee

أشهر قبل

Thoughts on computational photography bending the definition of a "photo"
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Arthur Moore
Arthur Moore أشهر قبل
I love these thought videos you make lately! Keep going!
anthony thompson
anthony thompson أشهر قبل
@imnotdavid I understand! I think because I’m a beauty and fashion photographer and I’ve seen the actual work that models put in to make themselves look the way they do, that it concerns me with the levels that people are going to change their photos for vanity and follows. What’s also disturbing is I’ve dealt with models and people that you see in social media, and then you meet in real life and I don’t know who they are, then they request that their images be edited to a certain degree and sliming the face, changing waistlines, bust sizes, removing absurd amounts of achene and blemishes to the degree that when I’m done editing I felt like I just created this person that doesn’t exist. So it’s alarming that this is becoming more and more of the norm. It’s already difficult taking photos of people and having them find the beauty in the photo and themselves. I can see this going to the another level.
imnotdavid أشهر قبل
@anthony thompson I'm torn between agreeing and wondering if I'm just becoming a grumpy old man shaking my fist at "those dang youngins and their technology."
BERTRAM Lawrence Jr
BERTRAM Lawrence Jr أشهر قبل
y xyz
y xyz أشهر قبل
I believe mkbhd and lot of us will be philosophical about technology in the future
Robert Peterson
Robert Peterson أشهر قبل he's cute!
Rene Ritchie
Rene Ritchie أشهر قبل
Every camera basically building Photoshop right between the capture and print layers now...
Alek Burt
Alek Burt أشهر قبل
@Gabriel Gingras anyone know if the tumbnail is a real feature or is it edited? interesting
Gabriel Gingras
Gabriel Gingras أشهر قبل
@Lukas Langer As long as you can turn that feature off, you should be good.
Angelique Stidhum
Angelique Stidhum أشهر قبل
I think it's sad.
Pixels أشهر قبل
Well fortunately for us, Sony is still giving us true to life images with none of those AI enhancement. Unfortunately Marques think they look "dull".
Chae Yongsun
Chae Yongsun أشهر قبل
zook79 أشهر قبل
This video makes me think of the painted portraits people use to have to sit through for hours before photography was accessible. The folks requested a portrait and it was up to the artist to render the ideal image of that person even if it didn't reflect reality. If you look up different portraits of famous people from pre-1800s, portraits of the same person can look completely different depending on the artist. Same with sculptures. I think choice is most important here; give us the choice of what style we want our pictures in, whether it's completely raw or heavily edited.
Ayan Majumder
Ayan Majumder أشهر قبل
chickpea أشهر قبل
@Sorenkair A lot of artists were though, the techniques we use today to learn how to draw were very similar, if not the same, as the ones back then, painting is way harder than drawing since you need to know your values and how it affects the 3D space. I seriously don't think that's the case, specially because famous people commissioned equality as famous famous artists.
Barney Laurance
Barney Laurance أشهر قبل
@Pierre Roux OK, but we're a long way away from the technology to make a VR image indistinguishable from real life. Until that's possible image makers will be forced to decide (or let others decide for them) which aspects of reality they want to record accurately and which to change.
Saimen أشهر قبل
hasn't like all good smartphones a raw image-mode?
Pierre Roux
Pierre Roux أشهر قبل
@Barney Laurance I think the point they are making is that a photo in a VR headset should look identical to reality when taking off the VR headset
The Groovy Guitar Dude
The Groovy Guitar Dude أشهر قبل
As spooky as some of these features are, I think they are making good photography more accessible to those who are not "techy" or interested in learning traditional photography.
Lev Anni
Lev Anni 19 أيام قبل
@mrklunder Loong time didn't hear anything this true!!!
Ahmad Jamal Mughal
Ahmad Jamal Mughal 21 أيام قبل
Yeah I mean everything is being dumbed down like music. So what if photography gets dumbed down too.
Kshitiz Jha
Kshitiz Jha أشهر قبل
@Brisa Almeida I'm glad there are still people out there who really care. It's just difficult for an average (not by capability) person to understand what actually goes on with proper artists just starting out their career. Have a nice day.
Darshan Rathod
Darshan Rathod أشهر قبل
@mrklunder correct
Brisa Almeida
Brisa Almeida أشهر قبل
@Kshitiz Jha THANK YOU! I'm always trying to make people understand that. Grew up around ACTUAL artists, ACTUALLY TALENTED photographers, with ACTUAL skills, who were gifted with talent and worked hard on the ACTUAL craft. I grew up with ACTUAL ARTISTS in my household, grew up around darkrooms, dodging and burning, and actual tiny brushes, actual ink, stuff that requires ACTUAL artistry, skills, to use for when retouching was needed. I hate this generation of dummies with a passion. Glad there are still people out there who think like you, who truly get it. Really glad.
Iesha D
Iesha D أشهر قبل
It's making me appreciate "traditional" point and shoot or DSLR photography more. At least I'll know that everything in the photo will be real. I went out to shoot landscape with my pixel 6 pro recently because I figured it would be an easier and more convenient than using my dslr. It was also a excited to try all the new cam features like motion blur. While the camera is probably good enough for taking impressive day to day photos with friends, it lacks so much compared to a DSLR when to comes to nature photography.
TheEditor107 4 أيام قبل
Considering pixel 6 is one of the best cameras out in the market..
Paiman ·
Paiman · 17 أيام قبل
@Svenry It always will have an option to turn it off on a mirrorless/dslr camera. 2 reasons for that 1) most professionals use DSLR/mirrorless cameras and they shoot photos in RAW and 2) many of these "edits" are done to JPEG formats... so the option to turn these off will be there otherwise everybody will have to shoot in RAW format which then hurts the companies sales if the person buying the camera is a beginner/intermediate photographer or anybody that prefers to shoot only in JPEG format. (although I don't understand why someone would ever shoot in compressed JPEG over RAW other than file size reasons but some people really do prefer to edit JPEGS for some odd reason). Also another point, mirrorless cameras and DSLRs will not be able to do these things (not for the near future atleast) since this level of computational photography requires very powerful processing chips and proper camera companies are most likely not going to invest in that. Just my thoughts on this. I always shoot RAW on my Sony A7iii anyways so this fake "ready to post" edited thing doesn't bother me.
Svenry 17 أيام قبل
This also makes me worried DSLR/Mirrorless cameras will begin adopting these computational processes from smartphones, which is fine only as long as the option remains to turn them off.
sembang kemas
sembang kemas 20 أيام قبل
buy sony smartphone
The Racing Monkey
The Racing Monkey أشهر قبل
Felt like I was watching a mini Black Mirror episode...
Chick M10
Chick M10 أشهر قبل
Good For Nutting
Good For Nutting أشهر قبل
You just reminded me that I need to continue watching the show. I stopped like 2 years ago!
Minari Nico
Minari Nico أشهر قبل
Nosedive 😬
Audible Wilcox
Audible Wilcox أشهر قبل
This is really what is going on and these camera phone makers are doing something that in the long run is not good at all for the world...and another thing, they know this.
Sierra Llor
Sierra Llor أشهر قبل
Victoria أشهر قبل
I'm not OK with that. Thank you for this video, Marques. Never realized before now how crazy 'advanced' smartphone photo processing became. Editing apps are perfectly fine, but photo editing should not be automatic and hidden within the process of taking the photo. I prefer reality, as imperfect as it may be.
yoan perez
yoan perez 29 أيام قبل
Same here, I also prefer more natural look without make up.
Darshan Rathod
Darshan Rathod أشهر قبل
I agree....
mini smalls
mini smalls أشهر قبل
We saw this alot with Snapchat. I remember in school years ago people only took selfies in Snapchat because it "looked better" in reality it was just a filter on the standard camera (without applying any filter manually). Now it's the standard for a bunch of apps
Sam India
Sam India أشهر قبل
Totally agreed ❤️
Percy Partu
Percy Partu أشهر قبل
Your videos are so deep and well thought of, it's like everytime you make a video it's something we didn't know we needed. They are such eye openers. Well done 👍
Alexander Ogilvie
Alexander Ogilvie أشهر قبل
Great exposure of smart phone camera functions, interesting topic and commentary! What about the apps that we can use in smart phones that allow for manual controls, do they allow us to see at least the true performance of the components? Cheers to you and your team!
JoeGnahz أشهر قبل
Very good talk. I've already been pretty frustrated for years seeing more and more heavily edited photos all over the places. Reflecting the real world should always be the ultimate motivation of taking a photo in my opinion
toadlguy أشهر قبل
I can’t wait till the latest camera feature will be “Real Mode” where it just takes a picture of what’s really there 🤪
Axel Ljungqvist
Axel Ljungqvist 17 أيام قبل
@Paiman · Yea, people in these comments seem to want a magical 100% color correct camera. As if phone cameras just outputs a perfect life-like JPEG and phone manufacturers add filters for fun. Somewhere they (for example) need to decide how much contrast there should be in different situations. And setting one filter for every picture isnt good enough these days, and figuring out which color profiles should be used in a specific picture is not an easy task
Paiman ·
Paiman · 17 أيام قبل
@Axel Ljungqvist Haha was just about to comment that, most smartphones have a "RAW" format option which is exactly that, RAW.
💮クリス◢⁴⁶ أشهر قبل
RAW mode
Prithish Chandna
Prithish Chandna أشهر قبل
@adi irfan have you ever seen a real camera? They have ISO control as well
mouad talbi
mouad talbi أشهر قبل
Sony phones are there for a reason
Joel George
Joel George أشهر قبل
Absolutely agree with you on this, smartphone cameras are far from reality these days (especially the front cameras)
Luke Schroeder
Luke Schroeder أشهر قبل
For me I think a good camera captures a moment in time as accurately as possible. If the iPhone switches the whole picture over to the wide lens because thats best for the situation then I really don’t care. However, when all the crazy photoshop stuff happens with downloaded images and color adjustment for more vivid pictures that’s where I draw the line. The ability to do that should be 100% in the consumers hands not the software of the phone.
H أشهر قبل
Exactly why I'm not liking my new 13 pro and might move to back to my old Samsung which surprisingly has more natural photos.
Doublepulse أشهر قبل
I've started noticing the photo processing effect on the iPhone around the iPhone 7, and it got more significantly advance on later phones. The photos ended up being sharper and more vibrant to say the least. Everything about the subject looked refined. I don't mind the features but would love advance controls to tweak them to my liking without having to go through 3rd party applications. I'm not a fan of using 3rd party camera apps most of the time as the experience doesn't feel unified.
Edwin H.
Edwin H. أشهر قبل
Now Photos, Next Videos. Think about that…
James Sebastian
James Sebastian أشهر قبل
Bruh you just have 6 likes
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WhiteRabbit Channel #WRTECH
WhiteRabbit Channel #WRTECH أشهر قبل
⚠️ 7:02 This feature was present on BlackBerry 10 phones. When you took a picture of the group of people the phone took multiple shots and then you could've choose different faces for up to 5 people I think. It was called "Time Shift".
Igor Šerkinić
Igor Šerkinić أشهر قبل
I was thinking that no one is going to remember this gem! :) good job!
Olatunde Fajimi
Olatunde Fajimi أشهر قبل
@Somesh kelkar Yes!
hackman أشهر قبل
I think the difference is now the AI selects the best faces and you are not even aware of it.
Hamza Azam
Hamza Azam أشهر قبل
Was also present on my HTC m7
Roman Shocker
Roman Shocker أشهر قبل
@Unix Nerd same here, I still hate typing on displays, it's not even about speed...on actual keyboard, I felt so comfortable and enjoyed typing, now it's my least favorite on any phone...
Bryan Wellington
Bryan Wellington أشهر قبل
Photographs are meant to capture a moment, an experience. Even an "untimely" blinking of an eye is what makes that moment unique in our lives. Altering that to fit what we think is perfect or what is socially acceptable is a dangerously slippery slope. We all tried to edit some photo we captured once in our lives but what really gives pause for thought is do we edit the photos because we think it looks better or do we edit the photos because we think other people will think it looks better? We sometimes forget that we usually see ourselves as a still photograph but everyone around us see a living moving face with all its quirks and blemishes. Makes me think that we don't even know ourselves sometimes. Learn to accept yourself a little more everyday.
virengill أشهر قبل
Best philosophy i have heard on tech photography is heading in recent times. I guess cameras and computational photography is coming up to speed with the image (not matter how unrealistic) we have of ourselves comes true, at least in a photo
Joe Schlimmer
Joe Schlimmer أشهر قبل
Prior to the invention and perfection of the film camera, every "image" of humans or landscapes or anything that exists in reality at all was an "artists interpretation" of the scene. If you think about it, the "realistic photo" era has been extremely short, really only about as long as 40 or 50 years or so, or about as long as high quality color film has been commonly available. In some respects we're returning to tradition with smart photography. We're using the cameras to create art, rather than simply record a slice of time, true to color and movement and object shapes and sizes.
john wilson
john wilson أشهر قبل
2.3 million views in under 2 weeks, that's amazing. So I decided to watch and learn! You really made me think about smart phones and their level of technology which is now at another level and that's a bit spooky. Anyway, a great video, thanks, from a UK fan!
D N أشهر قبل
The AI stuff is kinda cool, but I would miss the feeling of having taken a snapshot of a cherished moment, especially with group selfies if the camera would really patch faces of different moments in time together.
L Bollen
L Bollen أشهر قبل
I'd like to argue that we won't percieve it as different moments in time it if happens in the blink of an eye and seamlessly. Its still the same people, at the same place, with the same ambiance. If you really want to get technical, cameras are not capturing a single moment in time since taking a picture takes time in itself and we barely even notice it, let alone be bothered by it.
Andrey Serov
Andrey Serov أشهر قبل
Back to the times when all the pictures were produced by live human artists, applying their own ideas of how the result must look like. Now the same but the artist is a machine.
Nate Wallis
Nate Wallis أشهر قبل
This is hands down one of the best videos you have ever made. These are things that I've thought about myself
Skill-less أشهر قبل
The last thing about superimposing common Instagram spots, I was thinking about that when I found out the new "edit photo" feature in Xiaomi phones. You can erase lines, people, change skies. At some point we'll definitely see something like the Huawei moon thing.
Envy أشهر قبل
I’m honestly somewhat concerned that this will mesh a little too well with the whole meta verse concept, especially with these cameras being able to edit our facial features in such subtle ways and as Marques says, capture moments in time that never happened. This seems to be leading us to romanticizing our memories and our appearance, especially with the cropping distractions out of our pictures like advertised on the Google Pixel 6. While I’m not too worried about it as long as a toggle is available, I still feel like we’re rapidly moving towards a society with two halves, one in the metaverse and one in reality.
Theepash Mani
Theepash Mani أشهر قبل
@Nam Phan Matrix
giotto primo
giotto primo أشهر قبل
@mateus baskoro did you even watch the video lol? Their comment is 100% on topic. Why are you even following this channel if you aren't thinking about this?
Adam Jensen
Adam Jensen أشهر قبل
@Jxian Probably smoking the Luddite.
Nam Phan
Nam Phan أشهر قبل
Bro I swear, I've seen movies about it
Jxian أشهر قبل
What crack you smokin pal ?
Adriano Batti
Adriano Batti أشهر قبل
I would love to have my next Canon Pro Camera to have all those features. Every shot perfect right out the camera, blue sky and green grass? Awesome! - I do photography for living and it take me hours of editing to add sky, open eyes, light and color correct the images!
Esther Kwon
Esther Kwon أشهر قبل
This is my first time watching your video, but I’m so glad the algorithm brought me to this video. I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic, and to be able to process with actual examples from different phones. Thank you so very much for this video!
iim_human أشهر قبل
Definitely one of the most interesting, entertaining, eery, and funny video I’ve seen from the channel. Someone said it felt like a black mirror episode and they are right, now I have to go watch Hang the DJ( Black Mirror) to feel more in tune with the dystopian side of our future! Nice job on the video.
Lenin Влад
Lenin Влад أشهر قبل
Very interesting and I agree with you. I'm fine with all this happening but just want my pictures to have a vanilla option
Jesaja Van Kerckhoven
Jesaja Van Kerckhoven أشهر قبل
As a photographer, one of the most common things I encounter, especially with younger clients, is that they would prefer the picture (selfie) taken on their smartphone compared to the pictures I took with perfect lightning and editing. Mostly because my edit still shows them as they actually are and not how they wish to be seen. So I can only imagine this technology will keep moving forward because it is what people want nowadays, they don't want the real thing, they want an image that complies with today's superficial standards. I take a lot of pictures on my phone myself, but I turn all the automatic AI features off to somewhat have control. But I understand completely the need of just snapping a picture you're happy with without editing, I just feel they should remain somewhat "Realistic" :-)
Polite Reminder:
Polite Reminder: أشهر قبل
@AlphaDream I will try, thanks.
AlphaDream أشهر قبل
@Polite Reminder: just change the settings
Polite Reminder:
Polite Reminder: أشهر قبل
I can't stand my new phone camera. It warps my face, it makes it longer and weird....
olivboo أشهر قبل
I’m not a photographer but I take pictures as a hobby and I actually think I look awful in mobile photography vs a dslr. Especially the front camera mode. I know ones face looks different depending on the lens but I will take any lens over frontal camera on my phone. Now, I’m not super beautiful/photogenic but I feel ok looking at pictures of myself taken with a dslr while the selfie mode makes me feel bad about myself, just being honest. So I’m surprised by most people’s preference that you have observed as a professional photographer. I’d think it would be the opposite if I had to guess...
AlphaDream أشهر قبل
@LS_scape yeah exactly lmao
Æ83 X I-9
Æ83 X I-9 أشهر قبل
That's why I want to make a camera that 100% replicates what my eyes see instead of bringing a dark image to look like daytime with night mode cameras. What I would want is a camera that could project to most realistic no edit or to simply explain it, what I see outside the camera looks the same as it's output image or maybe even the preview.
Taxman أشهر قبل
This was such a fun and interesting video, first i thought it would be just some informative stuff but it surprised me :D
Ed Days
Ed Days أشهر قبل
I always install "manual control" apps in my phone to have more control over my photos but I'm not even sure how much control I actually have.
Alexander M. Schmid
Alexander M. Schmid أشهر قبل
Thanks for making me aware of this background technology. It's creepy. I thought about smartphone pictures of crime scenes - how could somebody judge if the picture is "real" or composed based on other pictures (from other people at other time and date)? This blurry version of reality is something we have to take care of. At least, all such pictures have to be marked somehow.
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WHATSAPP ➕18➀➃➆❽❻❺ʘ❺➂ أشهر قبل
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WHATSAPP ➕18➀➃➆❽❻❺ʘ❺➂ أشهر قبل
Dejoowie أشهر قبل
I feel like this is exactly one of those things were most people will say: "Cool! But let me turn it off." That example at the end of the video is an amazing one, as someone who takes most of his interesting pictures in somewhat tourist-y areas, I always hate realising that there are still a few people in the shot after I've already left, or don't get to take the shot I want because I'm in a hurry and don't have the time to wait for people to leave. In those cases, of course it would be amazing to just get a 'perfect' picture with my phone within seconds. But even though it'll be a pretty photo, and it provides a somewhat romanticized memory of that moment, it isn't what really happened. As long as there's still a toggle for all these features, preferably big and on the main screen instead of buried in a settings menu somewhere, it's a cool evolution. Even though it's somewhat scary to think what else it could be used for.
Twosies أشهر قبل
You mention it's a romanticized memory, but isn't your actual memory romanticized anyways? Wouldn't you want your photo to represent exactly how your remember it, rather than the duller reality? What makes a memory great, the dull normalcy? Or the dramatic, emotive, inaccurate recollection?
Nicolas Deru
Nicolas Deru أشهر قبل
@ahgflyguy Yes indeed, that makes complete sense. It's quite worrying to witness this split between reality and fantasy becoming so blurry... And it is quite right that for the price we pay these devices, being able to "just take a simple picture" isn't too much to ask 😅
Demorthus أشهر قبل
Everything you said- just, yes. :)
Loading أشهر قبل
exactly how I feel
Skop أشهر قبل
The aim of taking a photo is important imo. If you take a photo in a artistic way or similar, turn it on. If you take the photo to record that memory or experience, turn it off. Other than that if you only want it to look prettier, idk that makes it a bit weird because it isnt actually pretty in reality and i think we need to be ok with it not being pretty. My mom and I have an unending debate. During trips she always tries to hide her face mask, and i always say "when we look at that photo in the future we will already know it is taken in 2021 and there was a pandemic, we still enjoyed being there and taking a photo of us, why hide it, it is what it is".
Manan Sharma
Manan Sharma أشهر قبل
I could totally see that happening! Great insights, Marque
arunraj v.s.
arunraj v.s. أشهر قبل
Fabulous video, you are taking your videos to the next level with such thought-breaking content..
Kristian G
Kristian G أشهر قبل
As far as the iPhone switching from telephoto to main lens, I found this usually produces worse pictures. You can bypass this with a 3rd party camera app
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Al Cath
Al Cath أشهر قبل
Super interesting as always. The answer is: I am okay with it so long as it gives me the option as to whether to actually do it or not. And preferably it will show me it both ways.
sh أشهر قبل
What a thought-provoking video. I would love if my smartphone had a “Picture Mode” with all the AI tricks, and a “Reality Mode” that turned every adjustment off.
J. S.
J. S. أشهر قبل
Crazy that "reality" needs a mode.
Phonk Equinox
Phonk Equinox أشهر قبل
@AJF not everyone has 1k lying around for a DSLR
AJF أشهر قبل
Just get a DSLR
Khalid Qureshi
Khalid Qureshi أشهر قبل
Yeah, i also need a mode where they dont even touch the colours, keep them as is while still applying HDR and sharpening the image, pro modes often doesnt produce as sharp images as the regular mode
berliner أشهر قبل
Pro Mode with just a single exposure is far to limiting nowadays compared to multi exposure computational photography. A "reality mode" should enable to tune those optimisations for a version as colour acurate as possible and as true to reality as possible. But i'd still appreciate debluring using multiple exposures f.e..
Raul Huertas
Raul Huertas أشهر قبل
Great video and topic. Comparing the "same" photos between smartphones, digital cameras and the human eye, clearly, smartphones are exceeding what is acceptable to be considered real. It is sad how reality is distorted to be "accepted" by social media.
whatapp@ +➊(➒➍➊)➎➎➐⓿➌➎➊
whatapp@ +➊(➒➍➊)➎➎➐⓿➌➎➊ أشهر قبل
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Ansh Bhagania
Ansh Bhagania 21 أيام قبل
I totally remember that selfie feature which takes multiple pictures and then you can choose your best picture. I guess when you do it in the background everybody likes it.
JaGuaR أشهر قبل
Awesome tech, but should we be really obsessing over minor improvements in photos we post in social media? I mean most platforms decrease the quality of the photo anyway.
Exilum أشهر قبل
I think it'd totally be possible for manufacturers to end up putting many options, including a "raw" picture mode. I think the Xiami way is pretty healthy. Everyone has different goals for their pictures, so everyone should be able to get their ideal result in an instant. Just configure a profile once, and use it right away.
EposVox أشهر قبل
Fascinating video, thank you.
John Dawson
John Dawson أشهر قبل
Hey i know you!
Jay McFarland
Jay McFarland أشهر قبل
Pixel 3 had Top Shot where it took a bunch of pictures and automatically saved the best one. I think it was on the 3a debut. I own a 4xl and it doesn't have this feature.
dezu-mu أشهر قبل
While I like the advancement in processing and trying to help people get the photos they want, I value being able to see and verify for myself, and take a picture to highlight certain details and vantage points. Over editing and just replacing peoples photos can start to take that away.
Daniel Melchionno
Daniel Melchionno أشهر قبل
If smartphone companies want to do this, I think the consumer should have 2 camera apps to choose from.
Jannis G.
Jannis G. أشهر قبل
That group selfie feature actually sound pretty awesome
Mike Spinak
Mike Spinak أشهر قبل
I'm OK with them offering the options that bend reality, but I'm not OK with them implementing the reality bends without giving you the choice to turn them off, and without informing you that they are being used.
King Tox
King Tox أشهر قبل
Thats why samsung introduced the raw camera app
brunoalc أشهر قبل
Agree. It's always the doing behind your back that gets me.
SonicSwifty960 أشهر قبل
SEBASTIAN أشهر قبل
Exactly 💯
Chu2k أشهر قبل
We are gonna need some kind of global watermark standard to point out edited pics.
Prabhakar Rao
Prabhakar Rao أشهر قبل
Once again absolutely brilliant narration. Thanks Marcus your vids are a pleasure to watch.
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Imtiaz Choudhury
Imtiaz Choudhury أشهر قبل
Amazingly beautiful and informative video! Thank you MKBHD! I am glad that I am subscribed to this youtube channel. Best wishes from Bangladesh, always :-)
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umair ahmed
umair ahmed أشهر قبل
I love how this guy explains things… i need him as my math teacher now !
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Fady El-Zeki
Fady El-Zeki أشهر قبل
Man your content is so creative and insightful, that its just a delight to watch
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Sloane D'Souza
Sloane D'Souza أشهر قبل
When he said "these cameras are outputting captures of moments in time that never really happened", that hit real hard. He says it at 7:40 btw. Its just difficult to imagine how AI is twisting reality and creating this façade over whats real. I mean photos are usually meant to capture moments in time so you can look back and remember what it was like, which is why i found what he said kinda disturbing.
Barney Laurance
Barney Laurance أشهر قبل
@Josua Stangl Right. Really raw photos neither look like or unlike reality unedited. They're simply digital information. Turning it into a picture someone can look at is always a process of interpretation, e.g. the computer has to guess what colour every pixel is based on info from the pixels around it, and someone has to make choices about how that is done which will affect the results.
GioGio's Epic Channel
GioGio's Epic Channel أشهر قبل
Guess I'll be buying sony phones for their natural pictures lmao
Lucyan December
Lucyan December أشهر قبل
@willionaire77 o.o
rulercosta أشهر قبل
I rarely edit the photos I take with my phone camera
Thus Marshal
Thus Marshal أشهر قبل
That's why I use the Xperia 5 ii it's way faster than the iphone x and essential ph1 I used previously and it takes killer natural photos also got it at a burgain price
Fingersoft Kelvin
Fingersoft Kelvin أشهر قبل
That "reality-bending" stuff should end! We should be comfortable with pro-mode on photos so that we can tweak our photos to our liking. Nice video MK..
2randomperson أشهر قبل
The moon example is really interesting! In regards to what is "reality," I tend to think of such discussions as moot. (My guess about understanding reality is that we are probably trying to understand something humans aren't capable of understanding, with a tool (consciousness/our brain) we don't even fully understand)) So to me, the more pertinent question is, how do you share/communicate a memory, or an idea, in an accepted way? The moon scenario is interesting to me in this regard. We share images we feel we have found/created (ex: discovering and sharing memes) to people who already have access (can see) the same content. More abstractly, a phrase like "I love you" is copied/pasted all the time, but it can mean many things depending on the context. So I wonder if this baked-in moon controversy boils down to what the sharer and sharee have agreed upon, and/or accepted on how to communicate. As a side question, I wonder where people stand on other mediums. Each have their own variables affecting what is/isn't captured/recorded, and the interpretation of it (human perception (senses + thinking)). Do your concerns/feels about digital image processing apply to any other media? like: film (still image and image sequences) drawing/painting written language spoken (oral) language body language and DANcE
Tyson Smith
Tyson Smith أشهر قبل
In my opinion, the "perfect" regular photo mode would snap an image that looks the same as our eyes would see it. Of course people differ, so it would in reality match the average eye and brain combo. Our eyes and brain do all sorts of enhancements on the raw image data entering our eyes. I think phones should try to achieve to mimic this. Then phones can have an additional modes that allow you to take photos that are enhanced different or beyond this. But the regular photo mode IMO should take take a photo and apply AI to match how our eyes see.
Lalith Gunawardana
Lalith Gunawardana أشهر قبل
Yes, Indeed.
MrCOLTSR2 أشهر قبل
Just subscribed, very well explained in a way that is both interesting and informative....i can see why you have so many subscribers and views, well done mate you deserve your YT channel success.
Srihari أشهر قبل
This is the kind of reviews and insights that keep MKBHD different, thanks for making and sharing your thoughts. It's an important topic to discuss as AI creeps more and more into our daily lives
Kasper Garam
Kasper Garam أشهر قبل
Maybe I am a boomer, but I am very scared of how far computational photography can go and will go. I mean, all that tech is just insanely cool and the things a smartphone can do is just mindblowing, but it is getting a bit scary too.
CHITUS💙⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ أشهر قبل
I love these thought videos you make lately! Keep going!
Vedika Jiandani
Vedika Jiandani 6 أيام قبل
Hey Marques, thanks for bringing up this topic of should cameras morph reality? I have been thinking about this for a while. Since I was little I really wanted to see the northern lights - the bright green ribbons of light dancing in the sky. But this idea of northern lights was completely shattered when I actually saw it in reality over a year ago. They were not so green and not so bright. And I felt both disappointed and somewhat cheated. At that moment, I saw other people taking photos of the northern lights in front of us and realized what a difference long exposure can make - to the extent that it was a glorified version of the northern lights which ruined my actual experience of it.
Blue Eye Woodworking
Blue Eye Woodworking أشهر قبل
In my opinion smartphone camera apps should have a normal mode for just point and shoot photos and a pro mode for more "true to life" photos without any background modifications.
Zed أشهر قبل
I've been wondering about the legal implications of this. Is it possible that computational photography gets to a point where it's inadmissible evidence in court, because they are a program's interpretation of reality? What if you took the Pixel 6 feature mentioned around 6:00 in this video, and added facial recognition? So the software notices a blurry face, but it detects who it is from your Google Photos account and super-imposes their clear face onto the photo? That's probably possible with today's technology. But what if that photos was submitted as evidence in a court case? Is it really a photo of a person at a crime scene? Or is it Google's software's best guess of who was in the photo, and enhanced using software?
Barney Laurance
Barney Laurance أشهر قبل
It's unlikely to be completely inadmissible, it would depend what the purpose the photo has in the court case. The other side might argue for a judge to throw it out, or they can cross-examine the witness who took the photo. Could get expensive if they need a computational photography expert witness in every case though.
Krayoz Mines
Krayoz Mines أشهر قبل
In that case I hope there is an option for us to turn on where the raw images can be kept along side the AI edited one.
Rob Whitmore
Rob Whitmore أشهر قبل
@Biggie Smalls The prosecution wanted to show drone footage, zoomed in, relying on sharpening algorithms, since it wasn't raw footage
Sher R
Sher R أشهر قبل
Well... The feature is not an interpretation, it's applying another photo of the same individual. So this is not a case of mistaken identity 🙂
Stranger أشهر قبل
@Shawn Copen people can shit on Elon Musk all they want, but he’s 100% right that AI can be dangerous
Adriana HG
Adriana HG أشهر قبل
Amazing video as always Marques!! Thank you, so true and a bit scary reallt
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Mohamed Danish
Mohamed Danish أشهر قبل
I wonder if its cheaper to engineer a multi lens camera with mirrors directing light to a single high quality sensor instead of having multiple dedicated sensors.
Let's Grow Together
Let's Grow Together أشهر قبل
High quality content on this channel!
Tom Haymes
Tom Haymes أشهر قبل
Great video. But I will quibble with one comment. All photos are a departure from reality. They compress a 3D space onto a 2D space, for one thing. They selectively capture light and color (as do our eyes). Ansel Adams, when asked why he never shot color (which he did for commercial work - unsigned), said that the reason he always shot black and white is because he wanted his photos to be viewed as artistic abstractions of reality and that there be no confusion of reality with his photography. He felt that even going to color would invite such comparisons. The problem, which you rightly identify, is when cameras impose their vision of reality instead of letting the photographer impose his or hers. Of course, that requires a level of technical expertise but, more importantly, the creative vision to express a photographic reality on the part of the photographer. And, you’re right, most people don’t want to do that. But, that’s what continues to set apart those who do (serious photographers) from those who don’t. Of course, George Eastman recognized that over 100 years ago when he built the first consumer camera. I’ve been pretty good at controlling my iPhone so far but I admit my recently-acquired iPhone 13 Pro fights me a lot more than my Xs did.
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YetiLyf & Chill
YetiLyf & Chill أشهر قبل
The group photo shot, if someone is blinking, they had this feature on the very first Samsung Note, where it would choose all the best faces and put it all into one photo, actually worked really well, Im surprised they havent done that with future phones since, it just makes sense to have that feature.
Ellithejoker أشهر قبل
@Sir Manatee Agreed. Having group pictures (or any type of picture) that looks “perfect” simply doesn’t seem right.
YetiLyf & Chill
YetiLyf & Chill أشهر قبل
If it's a feature that you chose to use I think is ok, but without your knowledge of it happening isn't right. But definitely a cool feature if you know about it haha
BLUE أشهر قبل
is there any apk for it?
Juan Mondragon
Juan Mondragon أشهر قبل
The new pixel does that. Keep up!
Goku17yen أشهر قبل
@Sir Manatee true
Jeremiah C
Jeremiah C أشهر قبل
Marques asking questions I never even knew I had. That's why you videos are amazing. Looking at things a different way.
Pramod Gurung
Pramod Gurung أشهر قبل
I feel like I had that Group Selfie feature on one of my HTC phones. The One series if I'm not mistaken. Also, if Apple really did know better, the software would have detected that the lens had an obstruction or realised based on AI that the other lens would have produced a better photo and switched to the telephoto...just saying.
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👆👆👆 ...
Jesse MacDonald Phiri
Jesse MacDonald Phiri أشهر قبل
As a software engineer I don't call it "Bending reality" I call it deep learning, phones are slowly becoming a mini robot in your pocket.
Clay Birdyshaw
Clay Birdyshaw أشهر قبل
I'm ok with it if it asks. You could have a dialog box pop up after each photo that let's you select enhancements that will be applied. It could have the little "do not ask again" checkbox at the bottom if you want to just keep your settings forever. I am not ok with these types of things being turned by default and buried in menus without telling you. I am all for optional enhancements if you know and consent to them, but you should also have the option to just take a raw image without having to dig through settings.
superEGO أشهر قبل
As for your question @Marques Brownlee in 9:24, if I select an option on my camera to do so, then yes love the feature; if the control if wholly taken away from me, absolutely not. I sometimes take pictures of nature (the Moon included) and don't mind the background being blurred from time to time, but my hope is that someone studying that type of plant in another part of the world is able to see the entirety of the scene, soil in the area, environmental conditions, type of surrounding fauna, and etcetera, which would be blurred, disabled, or else via a smart-feature.
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Anchit Mittal
Anchit Mittal أشهر قبل
That's the kind of videos i am interested in watching. My view- i would like control over what kind of photo i wish to keep. I absolutely need to see the real one and then i may or may not choose a superimposed unreal picture. Love from India.
Anchit Mittal
Anchit Mittal أشهر قبل
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Dominic Rincker
Dominic Rincker أشهر قبل
I’d love to see you/someone show the evolution of the Snapchat/Instagram computational stuff when not using filters bc I swear they do something to your face
Weston Ney
Weston Ney أشهر قبل
If AI can figure out how to remove those pesky power lines from my landscape photography I'll be happy.
Ryan Gibbons
Ryan Gibbons أشهر قبل
As long as you can still take raw, high detail, photos as an option in these future apps I'm all for it. There are moments where you want or choose the real moment, captured flaws and all in crisp detail. Thanks for the video, AI editing is a blessing even though it can seem creepy.
Roman Shocker
Roman Shocker أشهر قبل
@girlsdrinkfeck he tried to convince ppl that shots on iPhone 13 look better than Sony Xperia pro i that had better results even tho he tried to take bad pictures on the Sony lol...the colors still came out better on the Sony with auto mode lol
girlsdrinkfeck أشهر قبل
@Joe lol wrong he is an apple fan
Joe أشهر قبل
@girlsdrinkfeck I don’t trust that dude. Half of Twitter has laughed at his comparisons with the iPhone and Pixel because he edited the photos and he is known to be biased.
girlsdrinkfeck أشهر قبل
@Joe nope Chris pirillo made a video how much info is lost in iphone 13 compared to eve the pixel 4
1k challenge with 4 video
1k challenge with 4 video أشهر قبل
how many subs can I get from this comment? Current: 320
klikmaker أشهر قبل
I can see smart phone pictures being disallowed as evidence in legal cases because of this, because the results would be factually inaccurate.
Rahul Rojasara
Rahul Rojasara أشهر قبل
Very very nice video. your video helps a lot me and my friends. thank you so much keep it up.👌🏻🤗
Darshan Rathod
Darshan Rathod أشهر قبل
Thank you marques, great knowledge shared by you! thanks a lot man
Angelique Stidhum
Angelique Stidhum أشهر قبل
I love that you did this video, because while filters have been so popular, I think they have increased body dysmorphia across the globe, especially in females. When we can't look at our real image in the mirror and accept that, and can only accept ourselves with surgery, or filters, that's a huge problem for me. I can look at pics of my grandmothers and see myself, in a few generations, only few will be able to to do that.
Angelique Stidhum
Angelique Stidhum أشهر قبل
@Esther Kwon it’s like a nip tuck consult with every photo taken. Chalene Johnson is suing her plastic surgeon for botching her and sharing horror stories of women who died getting lipo… kidney stabbed 16 times in the process by an unlicensed tech. THIS risk is what these filters are suggesting we do to look “perfect”.
Esther Kwon
Esther Kwon أشهر قبل
I totally agree. I’ve been thinking a lot about this, especially nowadays hearing the phrase “do I really look like this?” all the time. We are constantly editing and putting on filters, and because we’re always putting on filters, we don’t appreciate our actual appearances and have become so unhappy with ourselves.
PoisonIvyLeague أشهر قبل
I’m okay with it to an extent if the images actually look good. Smart HDR on the iPhone 13 cannot be turned off and leaves a lot of photos looking over sharpened, too much contrast, and sometimes, with a weird “oil painting effect.” Pictures from my old 7+ look better.
Leonardo Sch
Leonardo Sch أشهر قبل
Perfect. I'm iPhone 13 pro user and, for me, in some scenes, AI is now too much.
AP Moments
AP Moments أشهر قبل
Nice work. I just started to profile smartphones recently
Lyte أشهر قبل
when I try to take a photo on my iphone 12 (usually trees in very cool and dark conditions ) the photo is just too bright and whatever I do I can't get the darkness that I get in my eye... This shows that we don't get the reality but a better version of the scenery which I really don't want, unless we get in a studio and take photos of other people these smartphone camera's take away the reality in the outdoor photos . Sure it does look good but most of the times we just want the originality of the scenery.
Razvvannn أشهر قبل
"these cameras are outputting captures of moments in time that never really happened" - great idea; thinking what legal implications photos will have taken by AI cameras
allseeingi أشهر قبل
Hmmm there are some worrying implications with what has been covered in this feature 🤔
darksider أشهر قبل
@秋保です〜 but a.i should be pretty advanced at that time,they should be easily decode the image and turn them back to their unedited state.
Bach CompSci
Bach CompSci أشهر قبل
as long as it's codified (code is law), protocols can be built to prove what technology was used to produce an image file. i don't think this would be an issue for long. just a little collaboration between market makers and a couple of agreements made on best practice
B.D.B. أشهر قبل
@Filthy Concertgoer There was a lengthy debate about it, but it was eventually accepted into evidence. And it was a drone footage, so most likely an action camera, not a cellphone camera. And whether bicubic alters the image to the point it doesn't reflect reality is a moot point when you're displaying it on a 4K TV with an image processing pipeline. For all those reasons, pixel peeping should not be accepted as legal evidence, because even if you use nearest point with an integer multiplication zoom and use a monitor, the camera still has behind the scene processing.
Filthy Concertgoer
Filthy Concertgoer أشهر قبل
@Tommy Kong Right, it seemed that if an expert on the algorithm testified positively the evidence would have been allowed, but it was a concern in the first place because the pixels are altered and not scaled linearly. They could have just just scaled the footage linearly, and it wouldn't have been an issue, but it goes to show how tiny things can affect legal cases, and the stuff in this video is not tiny.
Vasilache Stefan-Alexandru
Vasilache Stefan-Alexandru أشهر قبل
Same thing happens on even older iphones with dual-camera config My old 8 plus does that in my house, whilst outside it works brilliant with the second camera
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James Smith
James Smith 15 أيام قبل
I do appreciate your ethical thoughts on this topic. This is something people will have to deal with for sure at some point. Since i switched from the Iphone 11 to the Iphone 13 i am more often unhappy with the overprocessed outcome of the photos. When taking a photo and then opening it right away, you can see that it sometimes takes half a second and then magic is applied that is non reversible. As of the Iphone13 this is so much, that i started using my regular camera again.
Rin Kobayashi
Rin Kobayashi أشهر قبل
Hey, I was expecting a comparison of "Real Life" vs photos taken by the different brands. Which is the most "true to life" camera? (even if it's just a professional photographer's opinion piece).
YoHaNah Ramen
YoHaNah Ramen أشهر قبل
I want my picture in most cases to be the most accurate depiction of what I am seeing it’s my own two eyes, and then if necessary I can edit that picture to look a bit more stylized. I think it’s very important that pictures are of real things that actually happened that someone saw, because a big part of what makes photography what it is is the idea of sharing a visual experience with someone else.
imaginaryfanboy أشهر قبل
This is definitely true and something the mainstream wants, without realizing the potential consequences. For example, my family always wants to pose for photos, make sure that the lighting is good, smile and they always use the filters on the camera to change the color and make adjustments and then before posting on instagram they do even more filter applying and editing to look skinnier, etc. They always complain about me and my pictures because I prefer to take hundreds of candid photos of random moments when they're not paying attention or when they least expect it. And sure, a lot of those look blurry and have shit lighting, but within the hundred snapshots, when I manage to snag a picture of a genuine hug with a smile from getting a gift that no one was playing instagram influencer for.. THOSE are the pictures that have value to me. And there's no amount of editing that will replace them.
Garance A Drosehn
Garance A Drosehn أشهر قبل
When I was twelve my family went on a "Big Two-Week Vacation"(tm) around Arizona. Easily the most elaborate vacation we had gone on to that point. Everyone but me took photos where everyone was carefully-posed and the result was they all looked like wooden statues. My photos were either shots of just the landscape, or candid shots of people when they didn't know I was taking a photo. Everyone looked much more like a Real Person in the candid shots.
King-of-Hero أشهر قبل
I have found my people I second this so much! Actually, my siblings and I made a photobook as a present for our mom, where we collected every candid shot of her since she had the feeling that she only had posed pictures because usually she's the one running around with a camera and then has to force others to take one picture with her in it aswell. She was blown away by all these photos we found from several past years that she is now in support of many candid shots aswell.
gang 6881
gang 6881 أشهر قبل
furry therefore opinion invalidated
Green05 أشهر قبل
Agreed. The imperfect photos have a charm and a nostalgia the posed ones can't match.
Oscar أشهر قبل
For me what I want from a camera is very simple - to show as close as possible to what my eyes see IRL in that moment of time I take the picture. I do *not* like cameras doing their own artistic edits or takes on things in an attempt to make the image "look better". That's highly subjective and should be left as an option, not as the default - or worse - forced upon you. I do like it when they do things that make the photo look closer to how my eyes saw the subject when taking the image, such as fixing lens distortion or white balance. In a nutshell, I'm in favour of it for the purposes of making the image more realistic, even if it means a less "pleasing" image to some (e.g. If I take a photo of a field on a very foggy morning, I really don't want the phone removing the fog from the photo). Just don't screw around with reality please.
STE Show
STE Show أشهر قبل
That's why I chose Sony Xperia 💪
Arindam Mitra
Arindam Mitra أشهر قبل
I think Marques is one of the best tech reviewer and researcher. He basically do R&D with the new techs.
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George Matzaris
George Matzaris أشهر قبل
Being a Photographer/Cinematographer I'm a little salty a bout it but I think the demand for Professionally taken images will eventually rise because it's closer to reality. Maybe I'm being hopeful, or maybe I am seeing something.
manulaika أشهر قبل
one of the more interesting videos on this channel and strangely enough it is one of the least produced ones probably to compensate for the distortions of this topic
Nonso أشهر قبل
This even brings up a bigger conversation of the legality of it all. Would we ever reach a point where photos or videos taken from a phone would no longer be acceptable legal evidence?
UnKnown أشهر قبل
@Skrattar Yeah, thnx
Skrattar أشهر قبل
@UnKnown *tampered, not tempered
Amir Mirzaei
Amir Mirzaei أشهر قبل
That was specifically about pinching and zooming on an already pixelated image
Supo :)
Supo :) أشهر قبل
great question...
Aakash Kumar
Aakash Kumar أشهر قبل
This is alarming.
Infant Kingsly
Infant Kingsly 24 أيام قبل
I am curious to know, How about taking a picture in DSLR is that computational photography still in place ? @Marques
Brian Gonsales
Brian Gonsales أشهر قبل
I'm all for the advancement of computational photography - but as with all things digital rights, *user consent* must be at the center of it. Giving your users an option to turn all digital enhancements off and shoot in "manual mode" should, at the very least, be the industry standard (and perhaps even even enforceable policy).
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WHAT'SAPP ME✍+➊➒⓿➊➎➒➒➌➍➌⓿ أشهر قبل
You just won WhatsApp ^^^👆👆👆
AI Learns Insane Monopoly Strategies
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حطيت 100 طبقة أظافر على رجلي... ( و دخلت محل أحذية )
سكينة Soukaina
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كم وقت احتاج وانا اشخبط لين يخلص قلم جديد ⏰ #shorts
Mouath Ag l معاذ اج
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تعرفوا على حبيبتي ❤️
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$4000 Block of Wood
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I bought the BIGGEST Tech in the world.
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সারাদেশে একই ইন্টারনেট | BBC Bangla CLICK
BBC News বাংলা
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Hridayam My Opinion | Malayalam
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Hyderabad Diaries
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মাটির চুলা।
Free Motion By Firoz Hasan
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Iphone Or Super Cute Robot? #shorts
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Save Water || Emotional Video || #shorts
Peep Peep
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