Why Does This $10,000 Gucci Xbox Exist?

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Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee

أشهر قبل

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TheBird Intern
TheBird Intern أشهر قبل
I like that they specifically sent this man a 10,000$ product and he's completely authentic about how this is a terrible idea. This is what ALL reviews should be and it's why I sub to the channel. Glorious.
Mark gaming
Mark gaming 3 أيام قبل
I mean if they did an apple×gucci collab he would be totally on board
John Carlo Ibañez
John Carlo Ibañez 22 أيام قبل
It's not for reviewing.. It's marketing
monio 26 أيام قبل
They most likely don't even care. They wanted more exposure and they got it. Their new customers won't mind either.
Preston Garvey
Preston Garvey أشهر قبل
@Chris yeah it’s a waste of money and the stupidest thing out there.
oJerico أشهر قبل
@Timothy McSwain nothing is a scam things are worth what people are willing to pay for it gucci clothes sells for 10s of thousands just because of the logo although they do have some high quality lines but they are making a killing
Better Chapter
Better Chapter أشهر قبل
It looks like someone wrote "xbox" in Microsoft Paint
けつ 10 أيام قبل
They should've put it in impact font
Björn Gerlach
Björn Gerlach أشهر قبل
Yeah, doesn’t really look “premium” does it?
Kenneth Ndhlovu
Kenneth Ndhlovu أشهر قبل
@National Prussialism 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mr. Clean
Mr. Clean أشهر قبل
I think that’s what they were going for lol
False-Set أشهر قبل
Look up their "FAKE / NOT" line... it's almost the same thing but big yellow print on the monogram motif or whatever... yuk
Dash أشهر قبل
Imagine being rich enough to just casually spent $10,000 on an Xbox
Flyinrocketeer 8 ساعات قبل
Resells for 2x
abc abc
abc abc أشهر قبل
Devwardhan Kothari
Devwardhan Kothari أشهر قبل
I love this man's honesty, he is so brutally honest that companies shall fear doing these meaningless collabs just because marc will critique them so hard for it.
The Ghastly Grinner
The Ghastly Grinner أشهر قبل
This isn't a consumer product and I bet whoever is sent these are either being paid and being strategically used for marketing purposes. When you actually think about it your comment seems dumb for patting him on the back. One giant commercial and it really doesn't matter what he says about it because anyone with a brain knows that only influencers are being sent these so I don't know why he's even bashing it he knows what he's doing making this video and he's willfully giving this airtime. I bet it was agreed on before it was even sent that he had to show this to his millions of eyes. The negative review means absolutely nothing and he knows it.
RetroCysper أشهر قبل
@Devwardhan Kothari Actually it doesn't even look anything interesting. Tons of Limited Edition consoles looks more better than this.
Devwardhan Kothari
Devwardhan Kothari أشهر قبل
@U2BE I dont know how to compare honesty, they both seem good enough to me but i must say, Mrwhosetheboss exaggerates a little too much. It annoys me now.
Devwardhan Kothari
Devwardhan Kothari أشهر قبل
@ironyhigh sure people buy this stuff that's why companies still make it.
Devwardhan Kothari
Devwardhan Kothari أشهر قبل
@RetroCysper lol yeah the company sent him a piece and he rolled over their BS.
bhagirath n
bhagirath n أشهر قبل
The brand "MKBHD" is today strong enough to ever so subtly take a dig at mega giant like Gucci. But I guess that's what ARface offers, it brings a level playing field. Great video Marques!
The Groovy Guitar Dude
The Groovy Guitar Dude أشهر قبل
The beginning unboxing is hilarious, Marques is so clearly NOT about it 😂
Don Don
Don Don أشهر قبل
I can easily print a Gucci vinyl and slap it on my Xbox and call it a “Gucci Xbox”. Personally I like video game inspired Xboxes like the Farcry Xbox or Forza Xbox
Don Don
Don Don أشهر قبل
Because it’s literally so extra for a game console. Doesn’t hold any value in my opinion. You really have to care about your social status or be a Gucci fan to get this.
That Dude U Hate
That Dude U Hate أشهر قبل
LMAO. He could care less about this nonsense 😂😂 Hell, if I win it I'm selling it.
Alejandro Diaz
Alejandro Diaz أشهر قبل
I liked it
MaddRezz أشهر قبل
made this pretty unwatchable tbh
manjot singh
manjot singh أشهر قبل
I just love the fact that the standard maintained by Marques is so high. While other youtubers / faux tech reviewers might go head over heels and approve of this overwhelming product,he probably well aware of the fact that the company might not send something like this again if he doesn't appreciate the product or company termed it as unnecessary. Others need to follow the highest standards set by him.
Suave Tah
Suave Tah أشهر قبل
This is why I watch this man, you can tell the logo or the price tag didn't stop him from saying how he truly felt 🙂
jamboree أشهر قبل
I kinda like the idea of it tbh I mostly keep my gaming console boxes for some odd reasons and in this case it’s a fun twist to the idea that it’s a box you can never throw away
Carrie Lancon
Carrie Lancon أشهر قبل
I love the honesty in your reviews. I appreciate it.
Tithi أشهر قبل
The high amount of awkwardness made this video so extremely fun to watch :D
Bittertokken أشهر قبل
@Henry Only OG subscribers would see it. Don't worry about it my guy...
Viztiz أشهر قبل
awkwardness? Did you even watch the video
Jeed أشهر قبل
@Henry you’re also awkward
Rahul Kerur
Rahul Kerur أشهر قبل
Trying so hard not to call it u g l y
Henry أشهر قبل
Awkward? There's no awkwardness here tf you on
Nathan Franklin
Nathan Franklin أشهر قبل
This was the smoothest AD ever. Man went from a whole rant to cash app so fast.
Terry أشهر قبل
Cynical Marques is my favorite Marques. Between the ridiculousness of the collaboration and his dig at the messaging created by the lack of a 'dislike' button, I feel like he speaks for a greater number of people than when he's over-hyping the next Apple rip-off.
Symetrie أشهر قبل
I feel I'm on the exact same page as you are on these collabs Marques. I really could not care less about a rebranded, more expensive, decorated, wrapped, etc. yet still not making it a better product in any way. Yes I appreciate buying beautiful things, from clothes to cars, but my angle of satisfaction is aimed exclusively towards quality, nothing else. I will pay for quality, I am lucky I have the means to, but I won't pay for expensive things just for the sake of spending money, even if I was way more wealthy I would not spend on incredibly stupid things like this. Obviously if I had time to use an Xbox, the last thing I would do would be to buy a "gold plated" Xbox instead of the standard one. It's not like there was any difference at all between the two, I mean at least enough to ask 20 times more for the same thing because it comes in a weird limited box... that's absolutely silly. Let's say if I was on the market to buy a brand new Porsche right now, I would go for the Turbo S over the Carrera because there's an incredible increase in value on every performance aspects which really translate into feelings behind the wheel every single day during the ownership. You pay more, but the experience you get is just exponentially better in every way. So, would you ever pay 20 times the price of a Carrera because it comes in a weird limited box and has a matte black Gucci wrap, or you would just multiply the price of a Carrera by 2 to get the Turbo S? It seems so simple I really don't understand why people can fall in these gigantic traps, it's so stupid and so superficial.
Ferry Muhammad Nur
Ferry Muhammad Nur أشهر قبل
The most memorable collaboration in tech history for me was when McLaren collab with OnePlus
descendency أشهر قبل
"There's no dislikes on this video." MKBHD is a savage.
WILDENZ 22 أيام قبل
People who care about likes/dislikes 🤡
videomaster5437 27 أيام قبل
Goes to show people just dislike for no reason... Trolls
Help,is,here 28 أيام قبل
I just disliked
Amparo Lopez
Amparo Lopez 28 أيام قبل
Not any more lol
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez 29 أيام قبل
Actually now ARface doesn’t let you see how much dislikes it’s has unless your on a computer
Daryl Kwok
Daryl Kwok أشهر قبل
This is the CLEAREST explanation of corporate branding strategy I have ever listened to. Even better than my profs in my communication school.
Zealch 5 أيام قبل
You can see the look in Marques's eyes "Why is this so tacky?". He's defenitely jumping back to a plain matte black. Although i'll admit the "Good Game" is a nice nod to the Gucci double gg logo.
Kane Murtagh
Kane Murtagh أشهر قبل
Whether a colab is functional or outrageous, it all serves a purpose
Mr. Mystic
Mr. Mystic أشهر قبل
Marques likes it so much, he's giving it away. 😂. I love that! Even though it's terrible idea, people who go for clout will snap all 100 of them up! 🙄
Nuno Hipólito
Nuno Hipólito أشهر قبل
Gucci: let’s send him a personalized case Him: a monstrosity like this Gucci: 🙉
Omar Youssef
Omar Youssef أشهر قبل
@Dandaman V yes and no. What I mean is that they want to generate conversations but surely not one that tells/teaches people, in a very convincing manner, to not fall for it next time
Dandaman V
Dandaman V أشهر قبل
@Omar Youssef but here we are, consuming the content, and talking about Gucci. It's what they would have wanted.
Muhd Khairul
Muhd Khairul أشهر قبل
this is why some of the reason i likes Marques vids. He's just straight to the point honest in his views
fastn't boi
fastn't boi أشهر قبل
he's just being honest lmao
Omar Youssef
Omar Youssef أشهر قبل
Doesn't stop there. He proceeds to give the whole audience a 10 minutes long video about why you shouldn't buy collabs like this one.
The Cheap Creep
The Cheap Creep 22 أيام قبل
I wonder what just the controllers would go for on secondary market.
Mr SQLife
Mr SQLife أشهر قبل
Every video just gets me hooked from the very beginning. Loved the honest view and opinion on this, Great vid!
DJ North
DJ North أشهر قبل
It's a silly thing. I would want more things like... Halo Infinite limited edition Xbox series X. Game themed hardware. Or fashion corporations doing limited edition collabs. Of course the functional collabs make more sense, but totally random ones like this just... boggle the mind.
Dibyajyoti Mehera
Dibyajyoti Mehera أشهر قبل
Damn brother. You just addressed some of the real issues in there. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🙌🙌
Balyeet Bhagaloe
Balyeet Bhagaloe أشهر قبل
I think this would have been cool if the xbox series x was available to everyone. They do everything but create stock. In my opinion there is no shortage, they created it on purpose. What do all the biggest brands of the last 5 years have in common? Exclusivity, and they are feeding into it with creating a xbox and playstation shortage
Sam M
Sam M أشهر قبل
This is a reason I followed his channel for years...he calls it out what it is unlike some reviewers
Ardalan Varahram
Ardalan Varahram أشهر قبل
You're good man, great job of reviewing. 👍
Md Idris Aidil
Md Idris Aidil أشهر قبل
Great way of breaking it down at the end there... Its very much just a sales gimmick, much like the "anti-apple" advertisements from Intel lately 🤣
Haseeb Mir
Haseeb Mir أشهر قبل
Gucci: Hey lets send Marques a free Xbox for promotion Marques: This collab makes fuck all sense Gucci: Oh...
Christian Giordano
Christian Giordano أشهر قبل
I'd say it worked.
Rob VT
Rob VT أشهر قبل
@Lucifer Theres only 100 of these and they sold out instantly. The idea was not to sell loads it was to generate views and clicks which it has definitely achieved.
TheGooglySmoog أشهر قبل
You are absolutely right but lets remember, bad press is good press. More people will know about this and some wealthy influencer will buyer it and get a million like.
Juice Not
Juice Not أشهر قبل
Gucci as a brand makes fuck all sense with no taste.
Lucifer أشهر قبل
@Rob VT really you think this did anything the only ppl who can afford to buy this are ppl already buying gucii shit Soo it really did nothing at all.
Shashank Srivastava
Shashank Srivastava أشهر قبل
mkbhd keeping it real! Respect.
Luis Cantu
Luis Cantu أشهر قبل
And exactly because of Marques reaction, Xbox and Gucci brands have received an exponential push. Same as those broken windows on that Cyberpunk did.
Aibol Kussain
Aibol Kussain أشهر قبل
Recently, I also saw a RayBan collaboration with Facebook. It has a camera on it, to shoot stories right with your glasses. I thought it was kinda cool entering into fashion + it correlates somehow with the metaverse vision(like moving social networking outside phone/computer)
Ch_A_Prabhudatta Panda_32
Ch_A_Prabhudatta Panda_32 أشهر قبل
I love how honest he is I mean why do you even need this just buy a normal Xbox
Ada أشهر قبل
I love how he put the custom gucci tech product he received in the “stupid” collab category 😂 very refreshing
MadCat_ أشهر قبل
He is one of those ARfacers who don't become a company's parrot for some money. They say what they think is right and he is one of them
Ada أشهر قبل
@Alix Morii I don't even think it was a collab, he mentioned the package just turned up at the studio. :)) imagine having both enough clout to casually receive custom branded gucci products AND enough integrity ad self assurance to dismiss it. chef's kiss.
Alix Morii
Alix Morii أشهر قبل
He doesn't need the collab money his integrity is way more important!
Travelwithchris أشهر قبل
Leigh Le Roux
Leigh Le Roux أشهر قبل
I appreciate the honesty he brought to it, I have even say that I see gucci as a high end brand because I have only seen ugly gucci designs be it fakes or real
Dino Kanceljak
Dino Kanceljak أشهر قبل
Been watching his tech videos for a while now and I feel in love with an Iphone. For whole my life I wanted an Iphone but never got funds to buy it...feels bad man. Anyways great video man
ceandregosa14 أشهر قبل
Great video. Always enjoy your content
Nathan Kramer
Nathan Kramer أشهر قبل
I have respect for this man and love his videos but it’s some crap that Xbox will do this collaboration but don’t have any series x’s in stores 🤦
David 7 أيام قبل
Who wouldn’t “repurpose” that case, it’s really cool
Look Its Took
Look Its Took أشهر قبل
"So someone just got a free gamepass" The most casual giveaway ever. Badass.
Look Its Took
Look Its Took أشهر قبل
Man you guys are angry.
Hetotope أشهر قبل
@armaan modi don't know if you are aware, but the OP might not watch those channels, and this is the first time they're seeing a "giveaway" just left in the video for some random first viewer.
Omicron أشهر قبل
@percc_wave Jake from vSauce 3 does it all the time lolz
Thom Murphy
Thom Murphy أشهر قبل
@⚡️ANOMALIE⚡️ VH7GD-C9RCY-6D6V6-QDDXG-XV33Z , but 1 time use and a already claimed.
armaan modi
armaan modi أشهر قبل
@luis Uribe a life of being naive
Godfrey Gondwe
Godfrey Gondwe أشهر قبل
You're always honest in your review.
Ryan Mikael
Ryan Mikael أشهر قبل
I agree !!! I honestly admire his honesty ! As an aspiring tech youtuber, I genuinely appreciate how brutally honest he was about it and its so rare to find tech youtubers like that ! I salute him for that :)
Bryan Robertson
Bryan Robertson أشهر قبل
How he was able to squeeze nearly 12 minutes of content out of this miserable hodge podge of a collaboration is truly astonishing on a professional level.🤦🏽‍♂️ Great stuff, my dude.
Does Apple collab or “collab” with other brands ?and if it collabs, is it zero sum or win-win? Are collaborations a new trend for the fresh minded companies eager to provide really better products.. apple has proved over time they dont provide better products but only better marketing.
Duxitisation B
Duxitisation B 28 أيام قبل
That bag must have some pretty heavy gold in it.
Rodrigo Rios
Rodrigo Rios أشهر قبل
Nearly every single one of the 100 units will be given away to influencers and brand ambassadors. The price tag serves no purpose other than to catch people's attention. Nearly all collabs mentioned by Marques in the video were on the development and commercialization of actual commercial products. This XBox/Gucci collab is on a marketing campaign. They are not promoting a commercial product. They are promoting their brands. The 100 units don't show as inventory in their books but as marketing expense instead.
けつ 10 أيام قبل
There's 5 of them being sold on stockx right now lol and 8 that already sold. That's just stockx.
QTEEP أشهر قبل
@Plasma Octopus you were never in the demographic.
Plasma Octopus
Plasma Octopus أشهر قبل
Well, as a promotion of Gucci they failed, the console and controller "design" is uninspired and basic. The carrying case looks like something used for a freakshow. This makes me want to actively avoid Gucci by all means. I no longer even want to use Gucci as like a joke sort of like "I'm feeling Gucci right now", they killed the mood. Makes me feel empty.
QTEEP أشهر قبل
It works too because people buy into Gucci and their gimmick. Personally I'd trust the millionaire with an Old Navy fit more when it comes to financial advice, but some people don't value their time and money as much as others.
valberm أشهر قبل
@Your best friend Tuấn anh if they literally write XBOX with shit, people will still buy it. It's about being able to buy it or not. Sending a message: "I can buy it, I'm better. You can't, you're a loser".
JAYvs JAW أشهر قبل
That smooth transition into his Collab with cash app was so smooth I didn't realized he plugged it until it was already done 🤣 and that shot at ARface for the dislike button SAVAGE!!!!
Kami Imak
Kami Imak أشهر قبل
Omg I was so sure that it would at least have a 120 Hz 4k monitor inside and a decent battery so you could game on a console on the go, because... why else would it be so huge and expensive? It's outrageous how useless and (!)tasteless the modern fashion has become, and welp, Microsoft w/ Gucci just can't help but earn even more hate here.
CHITUS💙⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ أشهر قبل
just love how he was able to convey his disregard for this kinda stuff by keeping the unboxing unedited and awkward
Ayo أشهر قبل
"The real humans actually spent 10 bands on on 1st gen apple watch" 🤣
yoink km
yoink km أشهر قبل
just love how he was able to convey his disregard for this kinda stuff by keeping the unboxing unedited and awkward
marcus cummings
marcus cummings أشهر قبل
Well… it’s defiantly edited. But it’s edited to FEEL awk
Ghostfreak7am أشهر قبل
I’ve been an Xbox user for more than 15 years, and man that Xbox is beautiful
Morde 24
Morde 24 أشهر قبل
Really good video essay, well worth the watch.
aPimpNamedDURDY أشهر قبل
Damn so rough with the stuff, slamming the Xbox around 😂
finebrian224 أشهر قبل
The benefits of high quality content and 15M subscribers.
 ShortHax أشهر قبل
Pfft, I'd pay $9,999 at most for something like this, thank you very much
Gamer 2349
Gamer 2349 أشهر قبل
Youre basically paying 9500$ for the box and gucci logos which doesnt make any sense.😂😂😂
lakshmi r
lakshmi r أشهر قبل
I think the store will take it
Akilan Vijayakumar
Akilan Vijayakumar أشهر قبل
@Randa Ranatunga Pablo Escobar wants your location.
Kel F
Kel F أشهر قبل
I'll cash app you a dollar and we can have split ownership. I get the first six months.
Nathan's Stuff
Nathan's Stuff أشهر قبل
Wonder who you stole this comment from
Camilo Gonzalez
Camilo Gonzalez أشهر قبل
And that, ladies and gentlemen is why LOVE this channel. Your demeanor and shall I say candid way to talk about the products you review. The ol' green inside of Gucci box we've all seen, yep that's the quote I take from this video, LOL. Informative, thorough and funny. Thank you
Steve M
Steve M أشهر قبل
That case would make for a dope PC case mod
johan Fitzgerald
johan Fitzgerald أشهر قبل
man i love your vids i have 2 ARface accounts both subbed to you love the content thanx for entertaining us all bro be blessed
Zrik818 أشهر قبل
Damn, I hope I could have one. I'll take the boxes.
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WhatsApp me ➕ ➀➂➁➄➃➀➄⓪➈➂➁ أشهر قبل
Congratulation you have being selected among the shortlisted winner's. WhatsApp☝️☝️
Never would I have thought Marques would have high fashion on his show lol
lilith casca
lilith casca 28 أيام قبل
i’m confused who actually thought that these collabs were anything more or “better” than what it is. lol like DUH ITS COOL BC ITS GUCCI not cause it’s any better spec wise.
Gather Ye Rosebuds
Gather Ye Rosebuds أشهر قبل
The funny thing is the least impressive thing about it is the Xbox itself hahaha
Gavrilo King
Gavrilo King أشهر قبل
Mr. Brownlee just machine gunned the Xbox Gucci collaboration 🪦 I don’t feel bad for either company getting this idea annihilated by the number 1 tech reviewer on YT 😂 in fact I love it because it shows the good gentleman truly is a neutral arbiter 👨🏾‍⚖️
Peanuts أشهر قبل
Mad respect for being utterly honest and not selling out. I can see this review all day long !
Volt HD
Volt HD أشهر قبل
He's probably staring at that box all day long just cause it's worth 10 grand
Raynor Newell
Raynor Newell أشهر قبل
And this is why you’re number one in my book! 🤗
Travelwithchris أشهر قبل
Yes 🙌
Pernell Brodie
Pernell Brodie أشهر قبل
He could have made one of those flashy, stupid, "influencer" type videos. But he chose integrity...
Pernell Brodie
Pernell Brodie أشهر قبل
He could have made one of those flashy, stupid, "influencer" type videos. But he chose integrity...
Prince kapelembe
Prince kapelembe أشهر قبل
If I was to win this giveaway, I would immediately cash-in on it and buy a PS5 😄
Hans Opoku
Hans Opoku أشهر قبل
The part where he called this collab a monstrosity😂😂😭
That Dude U Hate
That Dude U Hate أشهر قبل
I hope I win that monstrosity so I can sell it to an idiot who wants to be branded.
KikeDlaBanquita أشهر قبل
I agree there are very weird collabs, but look, I love tech, I really do, I love comics and videogames, and I also love fashion. Consequently, I think it is not such a weird collaboration. Technology and fashion do not have to be mutually exclusive. If you like fashion it doesn't make you anti tech or less knowledgeable about it.
Ian Ham
Ian Ham أشهر قبل
Nice to Pimp it up with some Gucci... Like getting old with some class!!!
Riceman أشهر قبل
Plot Twist: Gucci wants to get into the Tech business. MKBHD is just the start
Malachi Latroy
Malachi Latroy أشهر قبل
@Tin N then he dies
No Name
No Name أشهر قبل
Hey its the guy who makes fake ass videos.
Gion أشهر قبل
@Chris Brown damn are you the real Chris Brown?
Tin N
Tin N أشهر قبل
Twist: MKBHD likes men
Khalifa Chaa
Khalifa Chaa أشهر قبل
Oh god, absolute garbage gucci wireless headphones incoming
dvn.s_00 أشهر قبل
"..then there's monstrosities like this." I never laughed so hard. This man just put a company that sent him an artificially $10,000 product for free to shame. LOL. 1 of 100 y'all.
Ryan Mikael
Ryan Mikael أشهر قبل
Yeah same here ! I honestly admire his honesty ! As an aspiring tech youtuber, I genuinely appreciate how brutally honest he was about it and its so rare to find tech youtubers like that ! I salute him for that :)
Dedflir أشهر قبل
The tech that will be obsolete in a few years for 10k. Custom anything is only valuable to those that like what's custom.
Jeff Antons
Jeff Antons أشهر قبل
0:15 That voice switch from VO to on camera was slick. Did you borrow that idea from Top Gear?
alex kimani
alex kimani أشهر قبل
spend 10grands on a single Xbox just because it's wrapped in Gucci. That seems kinda craziest thing I've ever seen 😂. That's like buying the Gucci box for 9.5 grands and the Xbox for 500 bucks.
Tech Dictator
Tech Dictator أشهر قبل
Marques: this is MKBHD and Gucci collab Xbox: Am I a joke to you?
Mbuso Mabena
Mbuso Mabena أشهر قبل
I can't afford anything on this channel, i use like a $40 phone but i love it soo much... I don't miss any video. Technology amuses me... MKBHD🔋🌱💙
Sergio Sainz Zamorano-Monde
Sergio Sainz Zamorano-Monde أشهر قبل
I used to own that Lg Prada phone 🙋🏾🤦🏾‍♂️ Yep, I’m that old.. But I have to say, I LOVE this Gucci Xbox!
HERMITBOY 7 أشهر قبل
🤣 @3:05 “ eh emm, just for the record I didn’t buy this I didn’t customize this......” They should of made the majority of it in matte black with the Gucci symbols in two toned gun metal grey, just use different shades for the contrasting colors.
David Joel
David Joel أشهر قبل
This is why we subscribe, for honest reviews, even if they are uncomfortable. Thanks again!
Power Share
Power Share أشهر قبل
@Nik S are you kidding me? Unbox therapy is modern day TV-Shop channel, nothing but ads.
Jason Abraham
Jason Abraham أشهر قبل
@Nik S lol...mkbhd is honest about tech... he has the best camera angles and cinematic experience..which makes him the number 1...he also started his channel alone
Pablo Aurelio Paucarcaja Yaya
Pablo Aurelio Paucarcaja Yaya أشهر قبل
@Nik S you are pretty shallow, Unboxing therapy mostly care about the aesthetic appreciation of techs, but MKBHD is so much thorough when your are looking forward to knowing every aspect and angle of the tech you're interested in.
Mikael Stenberg
Mikael Stenberg أشهر قبل
@Nik S You mean that obnoxious loud dude who just keeps screaming in every video? No thanks.
Colin K
Colin K أشهر قبل
Unbox therapy has lost it years. He’s just annoying now
Joseph Macintosh
Joseph Macintosh أشهر قبل
I like how he made a beat while closing the case 2:54 😂😂
Siraj Ahmad
Siraj Ahmad أشهر قبل
Marques' enthusiam starts at 3:20
Rogyx22 أشهر قبل
Gucci: _Makes customized MKBHD Xbox_ Marques: "don't care + didn't ask"
bimmerman1 28 أيام قبل
Does it at least come with a 2TB SSD?
Mickey Dubb
Mickey Dubb أشهر قبل
I love how awkward he is trying to review a “fashion” product 😂 The content we didn’t know we needed, but we deserved. 🙏🏼
S C أشهر قبل
It’s a pointless grab by Gucci lol, literally no reason for them to buy Xboxes and brand them haha
SKHNDK Channel
SKHNDK Channel أشهر قبل
Marques represent all of us here, tech nerdy who mostly not so understand this so called "fashion" things.
Gerhard Berger
Gerhard Berger أشهر قبل
@Musab Kilic (high) Fashion is fugazi. Its rich people trying to impress the plebs and each other even though the design is shit. Its literally the emperors new clothes. LV and Gucci are probably having a competition to see who can come up with the worse design because people will still buy it.
seife41 أشهر قبل
? Fashion = wasting money for people who have to much. Nothing against good quality, but there is silly stuff out there
hman615 أشهر قبل
Mr Tacker
Mr Tacker أشهر قبل
Happy birthday Marques! I wish you a lot of luck and happiness in your life!
lazerMonarch أشهر قبل
Can't wait for this year's Phone Awards, it's been a wild year for phones
Dale Francis
Dale Francis أشهر قبل
Just need the gold xbox controller to go with this then the heights of flexing will be achieved.
pinayprincessa أشهر قبل
I joined the giveaway, this will be a good x’mas gift for my son.
mistersurve أشهر قبل
I love how he objectively reviews it, and how he doesn’t give a hoot about it.
Info that matters !!
Info that matters !! أشهر قبل
i could have sworn he just threw the controller in the box like a piece of crap lmao
Dylon vR
Dylon vR أشهر قبل
Coz he spoke shit about it equals objectivity?
O_O أشهر قبل
@veteris noctis i think he said it one of the videos before that he chooses his words carefully , kinda like self censorship to not anger crApple or sCamsung etc big companies .
veteris noctis
veteris noctis أشهر قبل
@Akram Salah I think it really is a love, and hate relationship with Apple products. He certainly gives them shit about their decisions. He even talks crap about Google/ARface.
Akram Salah
Akram Salah أشهر قبل
Until it comes to apple products, he picks his words very carefully with apple products.
S. Garr
S. Garr أشهر قبل
(Rhetorical Question) Do you remember the "Gucci Blackface Turtleneck Sweater!" I THINK I'LL PASS ON THAT BRAND! Otherwise, a very informative video, Thanks!
Umer Siddiqui
Umer Siddiqui أشهر قبل
Mfer straight up bashed & criticized Microsoft for sending him a 10k dollar product because the concept was very stupid, that's the kind of honesty we deserve from every ARfacer.
That Dude U Hate
That Dude U Hate أشهر قبل
If I win this I'm selling the shit out of it 😂😂😂
sess أشهر قبل
for the same reason anything exists: someone felt like making it, and someone felt like buying it 🤷🏼‍♂️
2nd_place أشهر قبل
I love that they couldn’t even be fucked to provide two custom Elite Controllers for $10K.
WHATSAPP ➕18➀➃➆❽❻❺ʘ❺➂
WHATSAPP ➕18➀➃➆❽❻❺ʘ❺➂ أشهر قبل
Plus one Open bracket V VII ZERO close bracket II V IV II IX VIII IV….
WHATSAPP ➕18➀➃➆❽❻❺ʘ❺➂
WHATSAPP ➕18➀➃➆❽❻❺ʘ❺➂ أشهر قبل
Whatsapp, contact marques as the winner!!!…
Adryan Tang van Rijn
Adryan Tang van Rijn أشهر قبل
Absolutely love the honesty 😂
Dan Krause
Dan Krause أشهر قبل
Biggest waste of money I’ve seen to date. Thanks for showing me the casing now I’ll just make my own fake casings with my 3D printer and sell them lol. Sheesh can make an extra 4K off every Xbox.
pecosROB أشهر قبل
need to put a screen in the top lid so it's a all in one unit lol
OmegaNiner أشهر قبل
The controllers look nice though
Bob808 أشهر قبل
_"A fool and his money are soon parted"_ That's why collabs like this exist.
Grandplat أشهر قبل
@colin mckenna What makes them idiots?
colin mckenna
colin mckenna أشهر قبل
@Grandplat also calling people idiots for spending 10k on a box to put in a cupboard isnt hate, if you think that's hate I dread to think what your like in a real world situation 🤣 am guessing safe spaces are designed for that😁👍
colin mckenna
colin mckenna أشهر قبل
@Grandplat nobody hurt me, also no need for you to try and white knight for rich idiots that dont care either
Grandplat أشهر قبل
@colin mckenna bro who hurt you. There's no need to hate, it doesn't affect u in the slightest
Bolaji Eniola
Bolaji Eniola أشهر قبل
@alvin ramirez So why not work for the money and enjoy it during your life also...lol
Isaac Asamoah
Isaac Asamoah أشهر قبل
The amount of shade in this video is very commendable to be on the Shaderoom 😂😂😂🥺. Can't love Marques less. ♥️🙌🏽
マーティン أشهر قبل
Someone's on the Gucci naughty list now lmao I respect it
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